New 'Stranger Things' Comic May Have Revealed a Horrifying Season 3 Spoiler

Stranger Things Season 3 is still months away. We still don’t have an official trailer, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of clues out there. We recently scoured the new poster and teaser video for possible plot details, but a new issue of the official Stranger Things comic may contain the Season 3 spoilers we’ve been looking for.

Here’s everything we learned about Stranger Things Season 3 from the fourth (and last) issue of the comic from Dark Horse, which offers a detailed new look at a place we’ve seen before: the Upside Down.

Potential spoilers for Stranger Things Season 3 below.

Leading up to Stranger Things Season 3, the Dark Horse comics have offered a look at what

The four issues of the comic series offer a look at what happened to Will Byers when the Demogorgon took him to the Upside Down.

This series is a way “to add value to what fans already know of the show without taking too much of what they want to do away from the show in the future,” writer Jody Houser told CBR. “I always feel a good way to navigate a licensed book like this is to get perspective on things that might be known to a certain extent but not fully.”

The fourth issue did just that with the Upside Down, and fans are now speculating about what this new look might mean about the Mind Flayer.

Redditor u/shadowF posted a page from the fourth issue, and another fan noted a similarity to the Season 3 poster Netflix released along with the premiere date announcement teaser.

“The imagery in this very much reminds me of the thing we see coming into frame … with bits and pieces of flesh and bone being absorbed by the upside down,” redditor u/sgreen88 writes.

Redditor u/hydruxo notices the same similarity. “The imagery of all the melded together bones/flesh/etc. … looks a lot like the tentacles/monster legs in the new S3 poster,” they write. “I wonder if that aspect was intentionally a S3 tease in the comic or just a coincidence.”

What clues do you spot in the Season 3 poster?


Whether it’s all connected or just a matter of both images representing something from the Upside Down has yet to be seen. After all, we only see the monster at the very bottom of the poster. Perhaps other promotional materials released ahead of the Season 3 release will shed more light on this possibility.

However, since fans are noticing that the comic hints at what came after this for Will (in Season 2), it’s not crazy to think there could be at least something in one of the issues (especially the last) that teases Season 3.

“I think ‘the clothes now fit’ is referring to Mind Flayer’s attempt to control/feed off of Will,” redditor u/hydruxo writes about this comic page. “Basically the Mind Flayer is ‘wearing’ Will’s body in a way by incubating him with the slug and giving him these hallucinations that cause him to do things he wouldn’t do on his own. It’s the Mind Flayer foreshadowing what it planned to do with Will in S2 by trying to turn him into part of its hivemind.”

After all, the Mind Flayer is going to be back, as Screen Rant reported from the official companion to the Netflix series, Worlds Turned Upside Down. “We ended season two with a clear signal that the Shadow Monster was not eliminated, and maybe he’s even identified his foe,” producer Shawn Levy teased in the book. “And that darkness, and the battle that it will require, grows in season three.”

It’s possible that something that happened to Will in the Upside Down, as seen in the comics, could play a role in that battle.

Stranger Things Season 3 will be available on July 4 on Netflix.

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