'Stranger Things' Season 3 Spoilers: 5 Huge Clues in the Trailer and Poster

Netflix gave Stranger Things fans a reason to celebrate on New Year’s by announcing the Season 3 release date. Along with that news, the streaming service also offered a new teaser (watch it above) and a poster that may include some pretty huge clues and potential spoilers for the upcoming season.

The poster features Eleven, Mike, Will, Lucas, Dustin, and Max, as well as a mostly-unseen monster, fireworks, and the tagline, “One summer can change everything.”

What clues do you spot in the Season 3 poster?


It might seem like a straightforward poster, but Stranger Things fans haven’t wasted any time looking for clues, and they’ve uncovered some pretty big ones. Here are five theories based on the latest teaser for Season 3.

Warning: Possible spoilers for Stranger Things Season 3 below.

5. “When Blue and Yellow Meet in the West”

The phrase “When blue and yellow meet in the west” stands out in the teaser video, fans were quick to point out that in the accompanying posted Eleven and Mike are wearing blue and yellow clothes.

That might seem like a coincidence, but Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard (Mike) took it a step further on Instagram, sharing an image of himself wearing a T-Shirt version of the poster along with the same cryptic words. (By the way, where can we get one of those T-shirts?)

That phrase was also part of the message decoded in the Stranger Things book, Worlds Turned Upside Down. So it’s definitely important, though what it means (and what “West” is referring to) is still unclear.

4. Silver Cat Feeds

“The silver cat feeds” was another message decoded in the book, and in the new video, “SilverCatFeeds.exe” appears as a line of computer code.

Redditor u/Charlie780561 takes the decoded message from the book and applies it to the teaser.

“The SilverCatFeeds.exe will be launched when the clock in the Food Court hits 12 AM,” they write, including a map of the Starcourt Mall showing the Food Court in the west wing. So perhaps the “West” the show is referring to is a location within the mysterious new mall.

“On 12 AM on 4th of July, there is going to be a huge fireworks show that is going to distract everyone from the whatever SilverCatFeeds.exe software will try to accomplish, potentially creating tons of noise,” they add.

What does it all mean? We still have no idea, but the clues are starting to pile up.

3. A Number in Russian

A recent leak appeared to reveal that Soviet Russian spies could play a key role in Stranger Things Season 3, and the new teaser trailer may reveal exactly what the U.S.S.R. is up to in Stranger Things Season 3.

As redditor u/NeoMikey notes, Russian text appears exactly 46 seconds into the teaser.

“Upside-down, you’re able to make out the text ‘адцать’ for just a couple frames,” they write. “Now, this ISN’T [the] full word in Russian. … It’s the end of a number, basically equating to the ‘-teen,’ from eleven to twenty.”

The fan goes on to speculate this means that while the Russians may be looking into the Hawkins Lab projects, Eleven might not be their target. “I think this text is left ambiguous as to hint that they might be looking at ANOTHER project number,” they write.

2. Save the Children Logo

The teaser takes us back to the New Year’s Eve 1985 countdown, which includes a brief nod to the “Save the Children Program,” whose logo appears onscreen. Redditor u/J0Aco777, who noticed the logo, wonders if it’s just a “coincidence” or if it was used deliberately.

It’s likely the latter. After all, the kids being in trouble is nothing new to -Stranger Things.

1. Rats Across the Bottom of the Poster

Fans have already been speculating about the role that rats could play in Season 3. The title for Episode 2 is “The Mall Rats,” which could simply refer to people who hang out in malls. However, it could also refer to actual rats who may or may not be infected by the Upsidedown.

On Twitter, one sleuth circled the rats at the bottom of the poster and wrote, “Looks like we’re getting demo-rats this season.”

Demo-rats might be a stretch, but on Reddit, fans are speculating over what the rats could be doing in Season 3.

“They’ll help spread whatever was left in the tunnels to humans,” redditor u/CaroSJ suggests.

“The tunnels dug by the Mind Flayer in Season two still exist. All those dead vines and demodogs are potential fodder for a rodent horde,” redditor u/jimbo805 writes. “Because they ate stuff from the Upside Down the rats mutate and pose a great danger.”

It’s worth noting that the rats in the poster appear to be headed towards the monster across the bottom of the poster, which could lend credence to that theory. At the very least, you can definitely expect to get grossed out by a bunch of rats at some point in Stranger Things when Season 3 arrives this summer.

Stranger Things Season 3 will be available on July 4 on Netflix.

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