25 Great Items for Under $20 Dollars

If you're balling out on a budget but are on the quest for some life-changing gadgets, we've got your back ranging from the kitchen to the campsite. 

There are a lot of little frustrating things in our lives and some of them may have simple fixes that we just don’t know about. We see our friends with the coolest gadgets and come to find out, they come at a pretty hefty price. Instead of finding solutions, we save our money to get those pricey material objects. However, the cool thing is that there are some pretty life-changing items that you can get now while balling on budget! Check out these handpicked items by us that are under $20 dollars and treat yourself to that spa day that you’ve been waiting so long for.

1. This Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

There’s a good chance you’ve seen this Aztec Secret Healing Clay in stores such as Whole Foods and didn’t even take a second glance as it’s probably worth a pretty penny. Come to find out, it’s not! We made sure the raves are true about this mask by asking friends of ours who use this deep pore cleansing clay and they cannot say enough good things about it. Perfect for any skin types, this deep pore cleansing clay that can be used as a mask or a simple swap for your current face wash. You can put your mind at ease knowing that there are no harsh chemicals attacking your face knowing that you’re using the secret of 100% natural calcium bentonite clay. Go back in time and see how the Aztec’s maintained perfect skin!


2. Get the Abs You’ve Been Dying for with This Ab Roller

Summer is right around the corner and if you’ve been telling yourself for the past couple of years that you’ll be rocking abs next summer, we found the solution to actually have them this year. We get that finding the time to do a full-body workout at the gym can be a struggle as our job, friends, and family demand time as well. As there are only 24 hours in a day, you have no more excuses to skip an ab workout as this bad boy will bring out that inner sick pack you’ve been waiting to see in under ten minutes. What’s perfect is that you can use it at home or even the office and it comes equipped with knee pads as well as a two free e-books that will teach you a variety of moves to do with this one single object.


3. Utilize Your Kitchen Space With All-In-One Multipurpose Gadget

If you’re sick of tirelessly looking for your cooking needs throughout your kitchen cabinets everyday, look no further as all your kitchen necessities are going to be organized into one simple bottle within minutes. Covering eight of your cooking necessities into one simple bottle ranging from a juicer to a measuring cup, save time and space the next time you want to make a Gordon Ramsay approved meal.


4. Multipurpose Cell Phone Stand

What’s more annoying than having to pick up your phone for any little thing while you’re multitasking? It dropping and possibly breaking. Whether you’re in the kitchen trying to follow the steps to the newest recipe you’ve found or watching a funny video in bed, make your life a bit more simple with [Lamicall’s universal cell phone stand( as it’s perfect for endless reasons. Bring it the office, put on your nightstand, use it in the kitchen - the possibilities are endless.


5. Skip the Extra Bag with Hidden Multipurpose Fanny Pack

We never thought that fanny packs would be cool again but Lanney’s Fanny Pack has changed that. Whether you’re taking a quick stroll to the farmers market or about to board the plane to your next foreign destination, this fanny pack can be tucked under your shirt so your stylish outfit won’t be sabotaged as its waistband fully adapts to your body while also knowing you’re fully protected. Perfect to keeping your passport and money from getting stolen, this fanny pack also is high-tech as it comes with RFID blocking liners to prevent identity theft, electronic pickpocketing, and unwanted scans. Grab this ASAP for your next trip with style and security in mind.


6. Chefast’s Multipurpose Herb Scissors Set

If you’re looking to quickly chop up your herbs to elevate your next meal but are short on time, worry no more as these herb scissors does the job for you. Skip pulling out the cutting board and knives to quickly and efficiently chop of the fresh herbs in minutes.


7. This Chic Modern Metal Cube Planter

Having a chic planter with your favorite greenery elevates your home to a whole new level as many of us know. The biggest pain that we face is that most stylish planters come at a hefty price. Ever been to your local plant shop and looked at the price tag for a planter to go with your new succulent? We either buy it and are stuck with one plant in our entire home or just keep it in its original plastic green container. MyGift has hooked it up with this modern chic planter that looks like a costly West Elm purchase but actually comes with a price point that won’t break the bank. If you’re looking to step up your plant and home décor, this planter bowl is for you.


8. Bistro Inspired Bulb String Lights

Finding the perfect lighting can be tricky, especially if you rent and can’t put in a new lighting fixture. Amazing for both indoor and outdoor lighting, these globe string lights won’t remind you of your college days of fairy lights strewn across your dorm room as these globe string lights are made to add elegance to your space. Get the rustic yet chic look that you’ve been wanting at an affordable price to spruce up your kitchen, outdoor patio, or any place that you feel needs a bit more finesse. The options are endless of where these can go or for a DIY project and even better, they are extremely easy to put up yourself.


9. Wsky’s LED Waterproof Flashlight

The looming question in our minds that pop up sometimes are whether or not we are ready for an emergency blackout in our homes and we really don’t want to be one of those people in a mile-long line at the local Walmart for emergency supplies at the last minute. Wsky has got you covered with its LED Waterproof Flashlight that comes with five different high-tech lighting modes that will give you the perfect spotlight for what you’re looking for at an affordable price. We also can’t forget this is perfect for your next outdoor camping trip either as typical flashlights may not cover all the grounds as this flashlight does.


10. Get a Better Nights Sleep with this White Noise Machine

A good night’s sleep is what we want every night, right? It’s not always that simple unfortunately. Whether we are stressed out about work or not being able to sleep because of that car alarm going off across the street, Crislan’s White Noise Machine has come to save you from insomnia. With nine different sounds ranging from ocean waves to simple white noise, these sounds are made to put you in a relaxed state and put you into the deep sleep that you’ve been craving. Equipped with an auto-timer and light key, choose how long you need it and even better, your latest lullaby is easily portable with its small and lightweight size.

11. This Temperature-Controlled Electric Tea Kettle

We’re not trying to tell you to get rid of your beautiful tea kettle that you use currently, however, there is a solution to getting your hot water made much more quickly and efficiently. Instead of patiently waiting for your water to boil, Ivation’s 1500w controlled-temperature electric tea kettle’s energy-efficient power has made boiling your water quicker than ever. What’s perfect about it is that you can customize the temperature you want your water boiled to so your favorite tea or coffee steeps in just the right amount of heat (yes, the water temperature matters per white tea vs. coffee). No need to worry if you’ve turned off the stove or not now as this tea kettle turns off immediately yet keeps your water hot for as long as two hours. Sleek, simple, and affordable, this tea kettle is a must-have for your kitchen.


12. Get Groomin’ with these Pet Grooming Gloves

Life gets extremely hectic at times and that’s when we start to forget to schedule our pet’s trip to the groomer or we’re simply too tired to brush our fur baby at night. These pet grooming gloves have come to save the day as we can show our pets love while deshedding them at the same time. Perfect for while you both are cozied up on the couch together or for baths, these gloves are bound to make you, your pet, and your home happy.


13. Stay Environmentally Conscious with these Reusable Straws

As more disturbing news arises every day of the danger of single-use straws, we keep promising ourselves we’ll cut them out of our lives but it’s been easier than it sounds. That is until now. We found these FDA approved reusable straws that are collapsible, making it incredibly easy to bring them virtually anywhere you go. Made from toxin-free medical grade silicone, these straws are easy to clean and can be used to enjoy any of your favorite beverages. Time to go swap that plastic straw at Starbucks and pull out your new cool environment-friendly straw!


14. Keep Your Tools in Place With This Multipurpose Lighter Sleeve

Nothing is more frustrating than digging in your pockets or purse for your daily necessities and it’s probably the time to organize them. You’re in luck as LightBro’s Lighter Cover has got your back with its multi-tool features. Equipped with mini scissors, a mini sharp knife, a bottle opener, and a mini screwdriver, the possibilities to save the time and energy to do your daily tasks are endless. Cut open your new package quickly to opening your next beer without the search for a bottle opener without the hassle of finding your opener. We also can’t forget about the lighter itself as having one on hand is key for candle lovers as well. Treat yourself or others with this affordable new gadget to make life a bit more easier!


15. Keep Your Kitchen Fresh With This Angry Mama

Make your mama proud with a clean kitchen! This Angry Mama is coming to save the day to keep your kitchen extra clean. This Angry Mama microwave cleaner is extremely easy to use as all you have to do is fill it with vinegar, turn the microwave on, and let her steam do the work by getting rid of that nasty crud that’s been stuck in there. This Angry Mama can be cool sometimes too as she also keeps your fridge fresh as well. Simply give her some baking soda and she’ll stay posted up in your fridge to keep your goods fresher for a longer period of time and eliminate nasty odors. Go make this Angry Mama smile and grab it now for a cleaner and fresher kitchen!


16. Protect Your Goods With This Waterproof Transparent Dry Bag

Nothing can dampen a trip more than opening up your bag only to find that your stuff has been soaked. Some of your backpacks or purses just won’t cut it when keeping your electronics safe when on the go from unexpected rain or snow. Acrodo’s Transparent Dry Bag is here to rescue your goods when that next storm hits as meant to keep your stuff safe during all occasions. Don’t be afraid to bring your camera on your next boat ride with this dry bag!


17. Grill Your Heart Out With This Outdoor Portable Stove

Camping and outdoor picnics is all fun and games until you start planning the menu. Yes, there are plenty of ways to cook your freshly caught Trout but who wants to carry around a tank of gasoline? Kudos to you if you make a true fire pit out of sticks but some of us can’t do that. This portable stainless steel stove is perfect as there are unlimited ways to fuel it aka any twig you find (which we’re sure there are plenty) and its stainless steel construction allows for a more stable platform with increased heat contact. Not to mention, packing and carrying it won’t take up unnecessary time and space as it’s completely foldable and compact enough to not add extra weight to your shoulders. Fancy up your next BBQ outdoor trip with TOMSHOO’s top-rated portable stove.


18. Reinvent The Way You Carry Your Toiletry Travel Bottles

Ah, the joy of packing for our next trip. It gets us all excited until it hits time to pack our must-have toiletries. With TSA’s strict rules, we stress over what to bring, how much, and how annoying it is to unpack all of this once we get to airport security. Who would have thought there would be a solution to this mess up until now? This sleek 4-1 bottle is made to make your next trip a breeze as you no longer have to worry about leaks or the annoyance of carrying around multiple bulky bottles. Easily refillable, these bottles also come with reusable labels so you also don’t end up mistaking your pricey moisturizer with conditioner. Save your wallet and your stress levels with life-changing travel bottle perfect for any kind of trip whether it be to the gym or on the plane.


19. Keep it Clean With This Multipurpose Mini Duster

Have you ever been driving and realized how dusty your entire car is, including the vents that is blowing out the air you’re breathing? We certainly have. Some of us quickly try to brush it off with our hand or a towel and it simply does not do the job. The good news is that we’ve found this simple and extremely affordable mini duster that can be used anywhere such as your dusty keyboard that’s been staring at you, all areas of your name it. With its double-sided cloth feature, you’ll easily get the dust that’s been sitting through your blinds and vents for all this time. Get goin’ and start getting rid of that dust with this find!


20. Stretch Out Your Foot & Legs With This Foot Rocker

Rocking your favorite pair of heels for a night on the town or adding some more cardio in your life is great. That is until your muscles get mad and you’re in pain. Stretching is crucial after any physical activity and it doesn’t take a yoga class to get a good stretch in. What’s cool about this foot rocker is that you can bring it anywhere to stretch at any time and say goodbye to that pain. Use this foot rocker for a variety of purposes such as increasing your flexibility, correcting your foot posture, and minimizing your heel, leg, and lower back discomfort. With its ergonomic angled foot plate, get that deep stretch you’ve been craving without worrying about it slipping. Go listen to what personal trainers and doctors emphasize about and start getting your stretch on with this foot rocker.


21. Step Up Your Smartphone Photography With These Camera Lens

Cameras on our smartphones are key to capturing memories. However, it can be quite unfortunate for the times when you’re trying to get that perfect picture and our smartphone camera just won’t cut it. Elevate your photography game with this 4-1 Smartphone Camera Lens Set with its four different modes that are bound to wow your Instagram followers. You don’t need a fancy camera anymore to get that cool fisheye lens picture that you’ve been wanting to take. Whether you’re trying to capture the entire landscape on your current adventure or wanting to get that perfect shot at your favorite band’s concert, this smartphone camera lens kit comes equipped with fisheye, wide angle, 10x telephoto, and macro lens. With its universal smartphone clip that can fit onto any smartphone width and size, your photo game is about to be stronger than ever. Don’t be surprised when people start asking you if you’re a professional photographer.


22. Simplify Your Home With This 3 Outlet Dual USB Adaptor Plug

Having a large extension cord hanging out is something that probably bothers just about anyone. Making sure you have multiple plug adapters is quite frustrating as well because who has the time to choose between charging your phone or tablet? This 3 Outlet Dual USB Adaptor Plug that goes right into your wall is sleek and gives a more organized look to your home or office as it not only comes equipped with three outlets but also two USB ports aka your search for additional bulky adaptors is now over. Bonus: No need to worry about getting electrocuted as this adaptor is made to prevent dangerous electric surges.


23. Save Kitchen Space with this Over The Cabinet Door Organizer

If you’re limited on space in your kitchen or are tired of searching for your favorite cutting boards and pans, we feel you 100 percent. SimpleHouseware has come up with a solution to adding more space to your kitchen cabinets without tossing your go-to items. With its ability to hold up to 4-5 pans or cutting boards, this over-the-cabinet organizer can be easily mounted or installed inside or over your cabinet. As simple as this product may look, your kitchen space and organization is about to go up a notch.


24. Perfect Your Daily Makeup Routine with this Magnifying Mirror

As many makeup enthusiasts know, the struggle to apply makeup while leaning into a regular mirror (especially for the cat eye liquid liner look), can be quite infuriating as uneven mascara can really add an extra twenty minutes to fix. To make your morning makeup/plucking routine easier, this suction cup mounting mirror is here to help you get up close and personal with its 15X magnifying mirror. Not only is this great to easily mount on your mirror at home but its suction cups make this miracle mirror easily portable so be sure to bring it to your next hotel room as well.


25. Stay Clean With This Outdoor Solar Shower Bag

While our outdoor adventures bring us plenty of joy, the little voice in our head tends to remind us of how dirty we are at a certain point. Music festivals love to overcharge us on their showers that are probably dirtier than we already are and the nearby lake may not be doing the job. This portable solar-powered shower bag has come to our hygiene’s rescue with its capacity to hold the perfect amount of freshwater and its attached shower hose to keep us clean wherever we adventure off to. If you’re not a fan of cold showers, we can’t forget to mention that this shower bag heats up once left under the sun for three hours that will heat your water up to 100 degrees fahrenheit. Get scrubbin’ with this lightweight shower bag to stay fresh and clean during your outdoor trips.


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