These Earbuds Are the Smaller, Less Expensive Alternative to AirPods

Apple is falling behind these sleek new headphones.

Sure, Apple’s signature headphones, the AirPods, have a lot going for them. The design is nice and the charging case is a super convenient touch, but sound-wise there’s still little to differentiate the company’s $150 offering from the leaky, uncomfortable pair of wired headphones that comes standard with your iPhone. More than that, it’s been nearly three years since they were updated in any meaningful way. The world is moving on from AirPods, and the AirTaps wireless ear buds are leading the charge in this brand new market Apple has left almost completely empty.

The AirTaps are making wireless listening accessible to everyone. With state-of-the-art Bluetooth 5.0 tech, you can enjoy crisp audio with minimal bulk and without a huge dent in your wallet. Stay connected, enjoy your playlists, and stay trendy with these awesome, highly flexible earbuds. You can listen anywhere thanks to the completely wireless design, enjoy your music and podcasts for four hours on a single charge, and get an extra 10 hours of battery life with the included charging case.

Normally a reasonable $99, you can get the AirTaps over at the Inverse store right now for a truly ridiculous $36.99.

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