'Captain Marvel 2': Brie Larson Wants Kamala Khan in Sequel

Brie Larson is already looking towards the next generation for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. During a press conference for Captain Marvel in Singapore, Larson said she hopes the teenaged Marvel superhero Ms. Marvel can play a role in Captain Marvel 2.

On Wednesday, during a press conference for Captain Marvel in Singapore, a reporter who identified themselves as “Ling from Vietnam” asked Brie Larson about featuring more female superheroes in the future. Larson responded that “the goal” is to get Ms. Marvel in the sequel.

“My dream would be that Ms. Marvel gets to come into play in the sequel,” Larson answered. “That’s the goal.” The room applauded her response.

While there have been several characters to hold the mantle of “Ms. Marvel,” including Carol Danvers, it is likely Larson is referring to the current Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan.

A Pakistani-American Muslim teenager from Jersey City who idolizes Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan is the fourth and current user of the Ms. Marvel identity. A descendant of the Inhumans, Kamala’s powers are unlocked when a Terrigen Bomb is detonated across the river in New York, the effects of which leave Kamala with shape-shifting superpowers.

Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel


Upon hallucinating some of her superhero idols, Kamala Khan takes up the responsibility of becoming the new Ms. Marvel. She has since teamed up with her idol while also serving as a member of the Avengers and the Champions.

Created by Marvel editor Sana Amanat, Stephen Wacker, and G. Willow Wilson (who just wrapped up five years of writing Ms. Marvel this week), Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel has been one of Marvel’s most popular characters and a consistent best-seller.

In a 2016 interview, Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada said Marvel already plans to include Ms. Marvel in its adapted media. “You can be sure that, somewhere down the road, she will be a part of the future of Marvel in other media,” Quesada said. Two years later in 2018, Ms. Marvel appeared in the animated film Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors, voiced by Kathreen Khavari.

If Marvel introduces Kamala Khan into the MCU anytime soon, Marvel will hold the distinction for featuring the first female Desi Muslim superhero in a mainstream movie. Given Larson’s attempts to push for diversity behind the scenes and even in the Captain Marvel press rooms, it’s not a surprise that Larson would want to fight some Skrulls alongside Kamala Khan.

Captain Marvel will be released in theaters on March 8.

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