'Captain Marvel' Set Visit Interview: 5 Weirdest Samuel L. Jackson Quotes

"I'm trying to join the Wakanda tribe."

For his tenth appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Nick Fury, actor Samuel L. Jackson spends all of Captain Marvel pretending to be 30 years younger. The film is set in the ‘90s, long before Tony Stark ever became Iron Man. At 69 years old, Jackson is a veteran in the film industry who remains as badass as ever, and a recently published interview is no exception.

The interview, presumably part of a roundtable discussion with several journalists, yielded some very surreal responses from Jackson, who clearly couldn’t care less about our theories and questions heading into Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame.

On Tuesday, Screen Rant published a lengthy interview that Joe Deckelmeier conducted with Jackson and several other members of the press. The results were a bit bewildering, to say the least.

Here are the eight best — and weirdest — quotes from one of the most bizarre interviews with a Marvel movie star you’ll probably ever read listed in the order they appear in the original article.

As another iconic Samuel L. Jackson character might say, “Hold onto your butts.”

5. “I’m trying to join the Wakanda tribe.”

Screen Rant: “You have some dots and stuff on your face, and you have an injury of some kind. Can you talk about that?”
Samuel L. Jackson: “Yeah, I’m trying to join the Wakanda tribe and this is my initiation rite.”

Samuel L. Jackson is such a delightful troll here. Deckelmeier asks about “dots on [his] face.” These are probably motion tracker dots that the VFX team uses to digitally de-age Jackson around so he can play Nick Fury in the ‘90s.

For all we know, maybe they did look very similar to the face paint worn by Shuri and other Wakandans in Black Panther and Infinity War.

Shuri wore painted dots on her face in some 'Black Panther' scenes.

Marvel Studios

4. “Are You the Alpha?”

Here’s the part of the interview where Jackson calls out Screen Rant for dominating what’s seemingly supposed to a group interview with multiple outlets:

“And speaking of relationships…”
“Are you the alpha person? Go ahead, everybody else is—“
“My apologies. Someone else wanna…?”
“No, go ahead.”

Ok then, moving on…

3. “Payday”

“What’s the most enjoyable part of playing Nick at this stage in his life?”
Payday. … Yeah, the payday’s nice.

Jackson is trolling yet again here, but he’s not joking about that nice payday.

Jackson remains the highest grossing star at the box office. According to The Hollywood Reporter his films have already made $5.76 billion at the U.S. box office and $13.3 million worldwide. These figured will only grow with Captain Marvel and then Avengers: Endgame later this year.

The most bankable movie star in Hollywood gets compensated handsomely as well. THR reported that Jackson made $5 million for 2017’s Kong: Skull Island, so one can imagine his payday for Captain Marvel is much higher.

As it stands, his current net worth is estimated at around $220 million.

2. “A lot of other movies.”

“The character of Nick Fury has proven to be a fan favorite of the MCU. To what do you owe that popularity?”
“To what do I owe that popularity? A lot of other movies.”

That’s fair.

Jackson has been in something like 120 movies that’ve made him a household name throughout his 46-year career. He’s obviously been a huge part of the MCU since close to the beginning, but he’s also been in all three of the Star Wars prequels, a handful of Quentin Tarantino movies, both of Pixar’s Incredibles movies, and so much more.

The actor went on to offer a more details explanation for how he picks his roles.

“You sort of earn a reputation for being able to embody specific characters in specific ways. And I do a lot of movies that are kind of gun movies or action movies because I loved them when I was growing up. To have an opportunity to do them now is perfect for me. So I tend to sometimes just choose movies because they’re movies I would’ve gone to see when I was a kid. There’s really no other reason to do Snakes on a Plane

In Snakes on Plane, Jackson plays an FBI agent protecting a witness. Mid-flight, assassins release a crate full of deadly serpents. The film, which currently sits firm at 69 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, has never accused it of being a “good movie.”

But everyone has fun watching it, and Jackson had a lot of fun making it.

In 'Snakes on a Plane', Jackson deals with a very obvious threat.

New Line Cinema
“Coming to work or me is a real joy. I don’t care about the 5:00 a.m. call. I get up at 5:00 a.m. and when I’m not working I get up at 5:00 a.m. anyway, so I can go to the golf course so I won’t get out of the habit of getting up at 5:00 a.m. It’s a joyous place for me to be, to forget about who I am, what’s going on in my house, what’s going on in the world.”

Jackson works mostly on high-profile films with rigorous production schedules, so the best thing he does to stay in shape is to continuously wake up at 5:00 a.m. to golf on his days off.

Simply amazing.

“As out of the box that people think Black Panther was, it’s part of the Marvel playbook. It just happened to have Black people in it. Captain Marvel is a Marvel movie being made through the Marvel playbook and it just happens to be a strong female character in it. And it will hopefully incite people the way Black Panther incited us racially when we saw it. So I’m really proud to be part of it.”

1. “I have an age limit”

“What has been your impression of what Brie has done with the role in terms of like the physical demands that it’s entailed? This is new territory for her.”
“She’s made a distinct transformation that I don’t think a lot of people would be willing to do and it’s a huge commitment to do stuff like that.”

Many reports over the past year make mention of Larson becoming so strong in real life that she can now push a Jeep up a hill. The actress recently shared a video via Instagram to prove it.

“Was she trying to encourage you to like push it?”
No, I have an age limit. I’m done with all that. I go to Pilates. I only push my body weight. I don’t mess with any other weights. None.”

At 69, Jackson is more than able to get away with golfing every morning and doing Pilates as his only real workout. He also recently told The Hollywood Reporter that he’s down to continue playing Nick Fury well into his 80s.

I think we’d all love to see that happen.

These quotes have been edited for brevity and clarity.

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