Galaxy F: Samsung Video Strongly Hints the Foldable Phone Will Arrive Soon

"The future unfolds."

The most hyped smartphone of the year could be set to launch in a little more than a week. On Monday, Samsung published a video stating that it will have news to share about the Galaxy F foldable smartphone during its February 20 Galaxy S10 Unpacked event.

Samsung gave the world a shadowy glimpse of the Galaxy F during its developer conference in November of last year. Justin Denison, the company’s SVP of mobile product marketing, took the stage and showed off the device’s ability to fold up like a booklet. But the sneak peak was also just that, a peak, and most of its design remained a mystery. That could all change later this month.

The YouTube caption of the video states, “the future of mobile will unfold on February 20,” which seems like it’s all-but-guaranteeing that Samsung will unveil a final product. But there’s still a possibility that this will be another Galaxy F teaser instead of full-fledged launch.

It goes without saying that Samsung wants to stir the hype around the foldable device, but it also seems like they would want to avoid upstaging the S10 smartphones that are certainly going to launch. All About Samsung reporter Max J. tweeted that he believes the February 20 event will be a repeat of the developer conference: A brief appearance by the foldable phone, but still no details about its specs, features, or release date.

That prediction runs contrary to an earlier report by the Wall Street Journal alleging that Samsung will debut and set a release date on the Galaxy F alongside its S10 launches. But even if that proves to be true, consumers might still have to wait until the spring to pick one up.

Samsung's also teased the Galaxy F during its November 2018 developer conference with this Facebook image. Could this latest video be the same?


The WSJ’s sources revealed that the Galaxy F will be available for purchase as early as April. Samsung will use the Unpacked event, then, to rattle off the device’s price, official name, and other details. This could be a strategy to ensure they’re the first big-name company to launch a foldable phone.

Huawei has confirmed that it’s making its own flexible device, which it could unveil during the 2019 Mobile World Conference in Barcelona starting on. February 25. Patents and rumors from LG, Motorola, and even Apple have suggested they’re also jumping on the bandwagon. The startup Royole launched the FlexPai, the world’s first foldable phone late last year, but reviews suggested at the time it need some more work.

Whether or not Samsung goes through with a launch on February 20, this year will mark the dawn of the age of foldable phones.