'Apex Legends' Self Revive: How to Cheat Death Without a Teammate's Help

You'll need to find this special item.

One of the many features that sets Apex Legends apart from other battle royale games is the ability to revive teammates even after they die. But can you revive yourself? The answer is complicated, but it’s definitely not impossible. Here’s what you need to know about self revives in Apex Legends.

How does reviving work in Apex Legends?

When one of your teammates dies (assuming you fail to revive them on the spot), you’ll have 90 seconds to grab their “tag.” Next, you’ll need to find a respawn beacon. There are multiple beacons on the map and they look like big red metal robots. On the map, they show up as green dots, and they’re often located in exposed areas with little cover to hide behind.

Once you reach the beacon and present your tag it will take a few seconds to regenerate your teammate. If you pull it off, a dropship will show up and your ally will jump out of it.

How to self revive in Apex Legends

So that’s all well and good if your teammate needs reviving, but what about you? You can’t exactly walk your own tag to a beacon after dying, but there is one way to cheat death in Apex Legends

According to Dot Esports, you’ll need to find the Legendary Knockdown Shield, a special item that sometimes appears at some location on the map. If you do locate the item, you can use it as a powerful shield or as a one-and-done resurrection to bring you back to life.

Good luck, Legends!

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