The Best AirPods Alternatives Will Cost You Less Than $40

Move over, Apple. 

The Details:

  • Attractive, low-profile design.
  • Clear wireless connection via Bluetooth 4.2.
  • Recharge up to 5 times while you’re out with the included charging case.
  • Listen for 3 hours straight per charge, or keep these on standby for 60 hours.

Why You Want It: High-grade wireless earbuds are the ultimate gear for a streamlined, on-the-go experience. and these CX1s provide all the features you’d want at a super discounted rate. Including a portable charging case and super-sleek design, they’re perfect for your commute, the gym, or practically any other activity.

The Deal: Usually within the normal price range for good wireless earbuds at $89.99, the CX1s are currently only $39.99 at The Inverse Shop after 55% off. If you’ve been looking out for a new pair, this could be your chance.

CX1 True Wireless Earbuds - $39.99

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