Affordable DNA Testing Kits Unlock Your Genes to Optimize Your Health.

Genetic testing is cheaper and more advanced than ever before.

If you had the chance to peer into your future, you’d do it, wouldn’t you? Well, thanks to these commercial DNA-testing kits, you can.

DNA tests do more than tell you where your ancestors were from. They offer an opportunity for you to take control of your health by giving you the information necessary to identify problems early on. These kits provide a way for you to optimize your health based on your own genetic makeup, and take preventative measures against diseases you’re at risk of developing in the future. Not only that, but they offer a chance for you to expertly tailor your exercise, diet, and overall routine based on the specific results of your DNA.

Now that technology allows anyone to get a breakdown of their genetic makeup, this information can provide insights into your health that would have seemed impossible only a few years ago. So why not take matters into your own hands by spitting, swabbing, and sending your information to a trusted DNA company. Obviously, you should do your own research to find out what test is right for you, but here’s a breakdown of our recommendations.


23andMe has established themselves as an industry giant when it comes to genetic testing. However, it’s 23andMe’s rigorous quality standards that have made them one of the best known DNA service providers. Your friends might talk about the ancestry information they’ve gathered thanks to their 23andMe test, but the comprehensive information provided goes well beyond that. They provide a Genetic Health Risk and Carrier Status that meets FDA criteria for being scientifically and clinically valid. This means, you’re informed about how your genetics can lead to health risks and which inherited conditions you carry.

Additionally, 23andMe provides one of the more comprehensive wellness reports. When it comes to your well-being, your DNA is one part of the story that also includes your environment and lifestyle. Having access to this knowledge means you can take the preventative measures necessary, and adjust your diet and lifestyle accordingly. With 23andMe, your health will benefit because you know exactly what’s going on in your genome.


With Vitagene, you’re provided with a personal wellness plan that’s scientifically tailored to your genes, lifestyle, and specific goals. What you won’t get is pseudoscience, fad diets, or magic pills. What you will get is the most accurate information possible to advance your personal health. To do this, your DNA is run through their sophisticated algorithm that compares it to a comprehensive database of the world’s latest peer-reviewed research on genomics, nutrition, and exercise. Additionally, you’ll fill out an online health questionnaire that allows Vitagene to focus on concerns specific to your needs.

Your unique health traits are then mapped to diet, nutrition, exercise, and supplementation plans that match a wellness routine designed with only you in mind. This way, you can begin making meaningful changes to your health, immediately. Vitagene takes the guesswork out of achieving your health related goals so all you have to do is focus on optimizing the results you want. Plus, one of the best features of Vitagene is the ability to upload genetic information you’ve already obtained from a third party to their database. This way, you can still get their unique take on how to enhance your health and wellness.


Helix provides the industry standard in DNA testing. But the initial testing is only the beginning. What makes their service so interesting is that the company also provides access to an “entire marketplace of products” offered by third-party vendors providing customizable DNA research. So in addition to normal testing results, users can opt to “unlock more DNA,” and access about 100-times more genetic data than what’s provided by standard testing kits. This means you can focus on your health and wellness concerns specifically. You can learn what foods your body’s sensitive to, unlock the secrets to your cardiovascular health, and even receive expert advice on how to adopt a lifestyle that will maximize your athletic performance.

Helix not only allows you to peer into your future, but also to peer into parts of yourself you may never have considered. Third-party add-ons offer a range of fun, interesting tests, such as what wines should be perfect for you palate, or the ability to discover what traits your possible offspring may carry. They even offer fun ways to celebrate your genes, such as custom-made scarves and socks that are embroidered with your genetic code.

Clearly, when it comes to taking control of your health, the future is now. Instead of waiting to see what time has in store for your health, take matters into your own hands and purchase one of a DNA tests that could change your life forever.

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