'Star Wars: Episode 9' Title Reveal: Mark Hamill's Joke May Have Leaked It

Despite the entire internet trying to will it into existence, the official title for Star Wars: Episode IX is still a mystery. Several days after C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels teased “something amazing” was on the way, we still know nothing more about Episode IX, but a seemingly jokey tweet from Mark Hamill about the Star Wars title might actually be more revealing that we originally thought.

The tweet in question, which came a day before Daniels’ message, seems to troll fans desperate for news on the Star Wars title.

“Disappointed there was no #StarWars trailer shown during the #SuperBowl?” he tweeted. “Agonizing over how long you’ll have to wait until they drop the title? RELAX nerds! #Futurama predicted it years ago & we all know: Cartoons. Never. Lie. EXCLUSIVE BREAKING ‘NEWS’: #EpIXYodasBarMitzvah.”

Hamill also shared several images, including a Futurama screenshot that features a joke about the Episode IX title. So clearly, it’s not real. We know Hamill is joking. After all, that episode of Futurama came out before Disney even purchased Lucasfilm in the first place, but is it possible there’s a kernel of truth in Hamill’s trollish tweet?

First, the arrival of Hamill’s and Daniels’ tweets in quick succession suggest that something really is in the works. We still don’t know the Star Wars: Episode IX title, but with all these teases, it’s got to be coming soon, right? Otherwise, these actors are just being mean, and Luke Skywalker would never do that. Right?

Second, and this one is a bit of a stretch, it’s possible that the Futurama episode Hamill referenced might still contain a huge clue. Ignore Yoda’s bar mitzvah for a second and instead focus on the title of the episode that brought us that joke in the first place: “The Lesser of Two Evils.”

It’s a perfect title for Star Wars: Episode IX.

Not only does it sound like a Star Wars movie, but it fits with the idea that this movie will finally bring balance to the Force. It also plays into the recent concept that the Jedi might not be all that great. As Luke Skywalker points out in The Last Jedi, the Jedi made mistakes, too. So maybe they’re really just the “lesser of two evils.”

Then again, the chances that Lucasfilm took the Star Wars: Episode IX trailer from a Futurama episode at all seems highly unlikely, but if there’s no meaning here, then Hamill really is just trolling fans.

Star Wars: Episode IX hits theaters on December 20, 2019.

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