The Affordable Valentine's Day Flower Deal

Everyone loves flowers, now you can love the price, too.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to give your someone special tokens of your affection. You should be doing this every day of the year, but it’s always nice to have a casual holiday mid-week. If your someone special has subtly hinted that they’d appreciate flowers this Valentine’s Day, it can be difficult to know where to start. Full bouquets from traditional florists can cost you nearly a week’s pay in some places of the world, plus the cost of delivery. Shopping online can prove overwhelming.

But fear no more. Online flower shop, The Bouqs Company is currently offering a 40 percent off deal on their $50 bouquets, bringing your cost down to the very affordable $30 range. Sourced ethically from local farms all over the country and South America, designed to be sustainable and environmentally friendly, Bouqs promises you the utmost quality, curated special for the one you love.

Want to go for a bigger bouquet? This deal works as a $50 credit so it would still be applied to orders of larger quantities. Are you a procrastinator? You can order flowers on the day of and have them delivered as the perfect surprise in as little as two hours. Would you rather send flowers on a less obvious day but with a more surprising surprise? This deal is valid within 30 days of purchase for whatever your heart desires. Don’t have a special someone? Treat yourself!

To learn more about the bouquets available, browse here.