'Justice League 2': Cyborg Actor Says Ben Affleck's Batman Could Return

He also gave Inverse an update on that planned standalone 'Cyborg' movie.

The Justice League of DC’s 2017 live-action movie is quietly dismantling. Henry Cavill may be out as superman, and Ben Affleck is passing the torch to a new Batman for the upcoming 2021 movie, but Ray Fisher (Cyborg in the DC Extended Universe) isn’t giving up hope for a family reunion just yet.

In an interview, Fisher tells Inverse that he hasn’t ruled out the possibility that Affleck’s Batman could return in the future, and discussed the future of his own standalone Cyborg movie.

Ben Affleck recently confirmed that the upcoming 2021 The Batman movie will feature a new actor under the cowl, but Fisher argues that this doesn’t necessarily mean the Caped Crusader we saw in Justice League and Batman v Superman can never return.

“It’s my understanding that it’s going to be a younger take on Batman,” Fisher says. “So that’s not to say that our older version of Batman can’t show back up.”

Overall, on the topic of both Affleck and Cavill’s future in the DCEU, Fisher seems cautiously optimistic.

“You know, I loved working with both of them,” he says. “I haven’t spoken to them specifically about what the deal is. First and foremost I’m hoping that everybody is happy and content. That’s my major thing.”

Warner Bros.

As for that standalone Cyborg movie, previous reports revealed that DC planned to start shooting in 2020 with a release date coming a couple years later. When asked, Fisher admitted that nothing’s confirmed yet, but added that DC’s recent cinematic success definitely couldn’t hurt.

“I think there’s some things that are kind of up in the air,” he says of the standalone movie. “I think everyone’s trying to figure it out. Aquaman doing as well as it has at the box office, being the highest grossing DC film, it’s invigorated fans and I’m sure it’s invigorated the studio, but I haven’t heard anything specific about Cyborg just yet. So stay tuned, hopefully soon.”

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