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You don't have to sleep with bacteria anymore

Let’s be honest — its 2 p.m. at the office and what do we crave more than crawling into a nice warm bed? We typically jump in and really don’t pay any mind to what our mothers always said about washing our sheets every week because who has time for that anyway? We blame our breakouts on stress and look at our sheets as the curtains to heaven. How could they possibly betray us, right?

Well, science has some heartbreaking news — after two weeks of use, our sheets are literally the hot tub for bacteria that cause nasty odors, stains, and sorry to say, but those pesky breakouts too! Your mom was right and now you have an extra trip to the laundromat. There’s good news, though. Science has created something called the Miracle Sheet. The Miracle Sheet is going to save you that extra trip to the laundromat because it’s actually made to kill that bacteria. Sorry, not sorry, buds. Miracle uses silver to get rid of 99.9 percent of that bacteria that you’ve been secretly cuddling with through a process called Ionization. Let’s not get too technical but Ionization serves as a magnet to bacteria and then kills it which prevents it from reproducing. Science is pretty cool now, eh? No more extra trips to the laundromat now! Sorry, mom. Bye, bye, acne.

These bad boys come in 4 different shades


Now, let’s talk about comfort. Made from luxurious soft cotton, Miracle Sheets are as smooth as butter. Don’t believe us? One Miracle Sheet owner raved, “love these sheets- they’re comfortable, stylish and I can rest easy knowing they’re not going to break me out!”. Worried they won’t match your duvet? With four different shades, Miracle has you covered in the style department. Not only are there Miracle sheets, but they’ve created pillows and towels to go in tow.

Get them now for just $99 and if you don’t like them, you have 30 days to return - not a bad deal. Now, time for you to go get your Miracle and stop sleeping with bacteria!

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