'True Detective' Season 3 Spoilers: HBO Website Spills Roland West's Story

What does this mean for Roland West?

True Detective Season 3 hinges on one huge mystery, but there are plenty of smaller reveals along the way. Unfortunately for any fans hoping to experience each detail as it arises naturally, HBO’s packed its own website full of True Detective Season 3 spoilers.

Possible, minor spoilers for True Detective Season 3 ahead.

Which one is the real "true detective?"


The first big spoiler was spotted last week, when fans noticed the character page for True Detective Season 3 character Henry Hays (Wayne’s son) revealed that he was a cop like his father. This only served to corroborate a screenshot shared on Reddit, which confirmed Henry’s job as a police officer and hinted at his possible involvement with the Purcell kids case.

More recently, another fan noticed that the HBO character page for Roland West, Wayne’s police partner in True Detective Season 3, might also contain a major spoiler:

Wayne Hays’ junior partner while investigating the disappearance of two children in 1980, over the years Roland West rises in the ranks. He’s persuaded by Hays in later years to once again pursue the case.

It’s unclear exactly what this might be referring to. Is “later years” the 1990s, when the case reopens and Wayne Hays is invited to pick up the case and save his reputation? Or could it be about the third timeline in 2015?

Roland West in 1990


We still haven’t found what Roland West is up to in 2015, but in Episode 4, the older version of Wayne did express interest in reconnecting with his old partner. This HBO webpage could confirm that a reunion occurs at some point during True Detective Season 3. It might even happen at the very end, leading to a climactic finale like in Season 1 when Rustin Cohle and Martin Hart reunited to solve the mystery once and for all.

Is that where True Detective Season 3 is heading? And if so, will we have to wait until the final episode for it to happen? If this latest spoiler is any indication, the answer may be hiding in plain sight on HBO’s website right now.

True Detective Season 3 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.