Smart Scale for Weight Loss Goals

Stay on track all year long with this smart scale.

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you’ve probably found yourself in an obsessive tailspin of exerising, weighing yourself and monitoring all your food for the sake of a hyperspecific goal weight that may or may not be possible for you. Some fitness gurus say to weigh yourself first thing in the morning—before even having a glass of water or going to the bathroom—for the most accurate measurement. Other wellness bloggers will tell you that you’ll be fine as long as you weigh yourself at the same time every time. But the biggest problem with traditional scales? They only give you one number and if you aren’t where you want to be it feels like a giant failure. It’s oversimplified.

Meet the perfect companion for keeping track of your weight loss goals, Adam Element’s BF1 Body Fat Analyzer. Retail price is usually in the neighborhood of $59, but it’s not available for the bargain price of $24.99. Measuring more than just your weight, the BF1 Smart Scale works in tandem with the GoHealthy app, or Apple Health if you prefer, to track the metrics that matter most including fat percentage, weight, water retention, muscle, and bone mass.

All you have to do is install 4 AAA batteries, pair with your smartphone via Bluetooth and you are on your way to your best self in no time. Best part? It’s multi-user friendly so the whole family can get on the same wave to healthy living. You’re even able to share your results so that everyone can be an accountability coach for the team. Step on the scale whenever you wish and all stats will appear automatically on the app of your choice.

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