Cheaper Alternatives to Best Sellers

Brand name doesn't always mean better.

There are products in this world that are worth the money spent. You might want to buy a Subuaru over a Ford for the incomparable lifespan of Subaru vehicles. You might want to buy a PS4 over an XBox if you’re older than 13 years. You might want to buy a Kitchenaid standing mixer over the competition. But if you’re walking through Chinatown, no one is really going to notice that you saved $650 on a knock off Louis Vuitton bag. If you’re browsing the Wish app and notice an eyelash curler for $1, a vanity mirror for $12 and a little art piece that would look perfect in that empty corner of your room for all of $3, no one reasonable is going to fault you for saving yourself a mint.

This is true for a number of things, and for the sake of this list, that number is 44.

The Pressure Cooker That’s Just As Good As The Instant Pot

The Instant Pot is so often sold out and priced higher than some customers are willing to spend. For those that are looking to spend a little less and compromise on the brand name, this smart pressure cooker is a great alternative with high reviews.

The Wireless Headphones That’ll Never Leave You Hanging

With silicone earbud covers designed to deliver optimal comfort, Alexa-enabled voice command, an ultra-convenient portable charging case, these Jabra earbuds deliver so much more for only a fraction of the cost of AirPods.

The Makeup Mirror Any Beauty Guru Would Envy

Anyone who has ever tried to put make up on in an orange bathroom or a dark corner knows the inaccuracy of a poorly lit room. Apply your cosmetics flawlessly with this mirror that looks like it came straight from a Youtube beauty guru’s lastest video.

The Over Ear Headphones That Don’t Cost Your Entire Paycheck

For the person who commutes to work on the nosy subway or just prefers over ear headphones in traditional earbuds, these affordable bluetooth headphones available 7 cool colorways are a great alternative to comparable Beats or Bose headphones that might be out of your budget.

The Camera Accessory That Will Make You Look Like An Influencer

If you follow any influencers on Instagram—and you do even if you don’t know it—you have probably wondered how they get the perfect pic every time. Join the ranks of the social media elite with this portable, battery powered, and adjustable ring light for your very own perfect pics.

The iPhone Case Everyone Will Think Is Designer

Keep your phone and personal effects secure with the wallet’s phone hugging design. Made from synthetic leather—available in 8 colors—to perfectly fit your iPhone X/XS, your phone will look clad in Italian leather without the price tag.

The iPhone Chargers That Won’t Tether You To An Uncomfy Corner

Never feel like you’re bound to the worst corner of the airport or the least comfortable position in your bed while you charge your phone. With these 10 ft cords reinforced with a soft bungie coating, you can charge your phone easily and have 2 back ups to gift or stock up.

The Personal Coffee Maker That Isn’t The Same Keurig Everyone Has

For the person on the go—or let’s face the person who can’t wake up without snoozing 5 more times than you had planned—this personal coffee maker can be a lifesaver. Simply clip in the included travel thermos or a different mug of your choose, brew and go. Its compact size is perfect for postage stamp kitchens everywhere.

The Kitchen Appliance That Keeps Your Cholesterol Down

If you’ve ever craved crispy french fries right from your kitchen but you didn’t want to use half a gallon of oil to make them, meet the air fryer. What usually retails at over $80, this budget option with the included recipe book is the beginning of a new you.

Call Home Brew 3 in 1 Cold Brew Coffee Maker

With this attractive and dishwasher safe pitcher, the beverage possibilities are pretty much endless. It works for brewing the perfect hot or iced coffee, the most refreshing iced or hot tea, but even more is great for infusing water for an exciting twist on the every day staple. High quality borosilicate glass promises durability and longgevity.

The Craft Project Perfect for Any Snow Day

Online slime recipes can be unpredictable, hard-to-do, made with harsh chemicals or just plain expensive. Make slime easier than ever with this Elmer’s Rainbow Slime Starter kit complete with 3 colors of glitter glue and a kid-friendly slime recipe.

The Litter Box That Takes The Yuck Out Of Having A Cat

Cheaper than any alternative on the market, this self-cleaning and easy to use litter box is perfect for anyone who is new to self cleaning litter boxes. It doesn’t even require electricity, liners of filters.

The Affordable Weighted Blanket That Feels Like A Hug Every Time

Available in 8 lively colors, this 5 pound weighted blanket is the perfect snuggle buddy. Added conveninece of machine washing capability and I’m sure you’re wondering why you haven’t gotten one already, especially at this price.

The Comprehensive Fitness Tracker That Isn’t The Apple Watch

For anyone who has ever wondered what their resting heart rate is compared to their exercising heart rate or how well they’re sleeping throughout the night, this is the perfect fitness tracker to try it out. Available in 8 cool colorways.

The Mattress That Will Have You Sleeping Better Than You Have In Years

More often than not, mattresses have to be splurges or investment purchases. What if you didn’t have to? What if you could be sleeping on a new mattress without breaking the bank? With pressure relieving comfort, this medium firm mattress is soft yet structured to give you optimized support while you rest. Motion isolation makes this the perfect bed for anyone sleeping with a partner or pets.

The DNA Test That Costs Less Than $100

So often the advertised DNA tests are expensive and not great for just a curious party. With this affordable DNA test, you can get to know your ancestry with just a swab of your saliva.

The Other DNA Test With Powerful Insights

For almost no money at all, you can figure out where your learning ability came from as well as 5 other genes including your cardiac output, muscle force, language ability, bone strength and muscle mass.

The Photography Tools That Don’t Require An Expensive Camera

Complete with a 4-in 1 telephoto lens with fish eye, wide angle, macro and 12x zoom capabilities, you’ll up your photography game in no time. Comes with a tripod that fits most smart phones.

The Affordable Comforter That Will Transform Your Bed Into A Paradise

Upgrade your bedroom into the comfiest room in the house with this amazing king sized, down alternative comforter. Use it as a duvet insert or on its own for whatever look you’d like to achieve.

The Jacket That Looks As Good As Any Name Brand Without The Price Tag

If you’ve ever seen the cool guy at the coffee shop, he’s probably been wearing one of these jackets from some high end label. Now you can look like a million bucks and feel as warm as a million bucks without spending a million bucks. This breathable, yet quilted jacket is made to keep your warmth in when you need it without making you sweat. The lightweight fabric allows you to maintain full range of motion.

The Pull Over That Feels Like You Never Left Your Bed

If you live where it gets cold, chances are you’ve seen some people out wearing this season’s hottest trend in sherpa. Get yourself one for less than the cost of your Chipotle order.

The Pajama Set That Will Make You Never Want To Leave Bed

Available in a variety of different colors, this satin pajama set will look and feel luxurious without spending a small fortune. Tailored to fit true to size and with the added convenience of pockets, you’ll look and feel your best as you get your rest.

The Look And Feel of An Apple Watch At a Fraction of the Price

If you’ve ever wanted an Apple watch but cringe at the price tag, allow this smart watch compatible with all major smartphones to be your all-in-one personal assistant, fitness tracker, pedometer, notification center and more.

The Popular Spa Treatment You Can Try At Home

If you’ve ever wanted to clean your pores down to the microscopic level, this magnetic face mask is the closest you’re going to get for now. Simply apply, let it dry a little bit and then lift away with a tissue covered magnet. Your skin will be looking better than ever without blowing your grocery budget.

The Light Therapy You Can Do In The Comfort of Your Own Bedroom

## The Memory Foam Pillow That Doesn’t Cost an Arm and A Leg

If you’ve ever slept on an uncomfy pillow, you’ve probably told yourself you would never do it again. Fulfill that promise with this perfect pillow that wouldn’t be complete without its 3 year warranty.

The Only Slow Cooker You’ll Ever Need

Making the perfect meal has never been easier than with a slow cooker. With the ease of hands-off cooking like this, you can accomplish all your other chores while dinner cooks. Have leftovers? It’s easier than ever to drop off to the neighbors’ with the carry function.

The Hardshell Cooler That Looks Just Like A Yeti

The outdoors can be really great for a variety of experiences if you are prepared for them. Never be caught unprepared without cold beverages to share again with this leakproof cooler, with innovative, freezer-like lid and two cupholders to make your drinking experience comfortable.

The Facial Cleansing Tool You Can Afford

Clarisonics are cool and all but they’re hardly worth the money. For this face brush that does more, has the perfect storage case and has all the same water resistance properities, the Fancii Spin Brush is an easy addition to any bath or shower routine.

The Smart TV For The Perfect Price

Minimize the amount of cords tangled behind your television with this do-it-all smart TV with Amazon Fire and voice command. Stream all your favorite shows and movies, watch live TV and more, all with this ultra-afford unit.

The Doorbell for The House That Has Never Had A Working Doorbell

No batteries required for this waterproof doorbell with self-generating power. Choose from up to 58 possible chimes and even switch them up with the season, this is the easiest doorbell install you’ll ever do.

An Accessible Virtual Reality Experience

Feel like you’re straight out of the Spy Kids future with this super affordable VR headset with anti-blue light technology for your viewing pleasure.

The Robot Vacuum That Isn’t $400

With BoostIQ Technology, this robot vacuum knows to automatically increase suction within seconds to get the best clean on all surfaces. Bad with anti scratch tempered glass and infared sensors for mapping out the room, even your vacuum will look new forever.

The Space Saving Vacuum You Can Get For A Bargain

If you need a powerful vacuum that you can tuck away with ease, this stick vacuum is the convenient option for everyone. Bonus: it’s a 3-in-1 stick vacuum, handle vacuum and stair vacuum all in one.

The Luxury Toilet Attachment That Doesn’t Require A Renovation

Bidets have caught on again big time as a trend in toilet technology. With adjustable pressure and optimal control, this is the perfect bidet for someone interested but not necessarily ready to splurge.

The Water Resistant Speaker Perfect For Any Occasion

With a Bluetooth range of up to 100 foot and compatibility with any device with Bluetooth, this surprisingly loud, crystal clear speaker is a perfect addition to any activity.

The Smart Thermostat That’s On Sale Right Now

Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Home and Wink, this smart thermostat will always keep you informed on your home’s temperature conditions and keep you in control of your energy bill.

The Luxury Pet Fountain Without The Luxury Price

It’s proven that the sound of water trickling makes pets drink more water. Sound annoying? Sure, but with this ultra quiet, low compsumption pump, you’ll never here the water flowing, but your pets will. BPA free with 3 different flow designs and a triple filtration system.

The Tablet That Does It All

Minimize your computer and book collection with this affordable and multi-use tablet from Amazon. Perfect for streaming, browsing social media, online shopping, video chatting and more, tablets are the world’s new laptops.

The Electric Kettle That Looks Like It Was Pulled From A Magazine

Make tea for the whole neighborhood in seconds. Brew the perfect cup of pour over coffee in a flash. Make ramen noodles as you rush out the door to tonight’s event. The uses for an electric kettle are manyfold.

The Wireless Charger For All Qi-Enabled Devices

Charge any device faster than ever as long as it’s Qi-Enabled. This palm sized wireless charger is super portable, and sensitive to charge your phone through its case.

The Perfect Tool For The Person Who Is Always Losing Their Keys


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