This App Has Solved the Most Annoying Problem for Apple Users

SyncMate 7 makes it easy for your phone to talk to your computer.

What’s the worst part about owning an Apple device? Yes, the backs scratch up faster than seems physically possible; Android users will forever be looking down their noses at us; and they seem to be getting more expensive by the minute. But there’s one right answer, and that answer is transferring the data to and from our phones and computers using iTunes, an app I can only assume was developed in the bowels of hell and designed by the stupidest demon down there. One with no experience in UI design whatsoever.

Enter SyncMate 7, which promises not only seamless transfers between Macs and iPhones but between Mac and Android* phones, too. That’s a big deal, since owning two sides of the ongoing device wars is a special kind of torture. Now, it’s easy.

The ingenious tool lets you synchronize data between your Mac and other devices all in a single, convenient application. From contacts and calendars to folders and iTunes, SyncMate makes it easy to keep all of your data synchronized, and with an Expert license, you’ll enjoy even more syncing options, like automatic syncing, backups, and more. Not only that, but a lifetime subscription to this incredible app that’s literally for everyone is only $14.99 right now, down from $51.99. That’s a saving of 71 percent, for those of you who can’t use your phones right now because you’re too busy transferring data at a snail’s pace.

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