'Fortnite' Season 8: Marshmello Collaboration Leak Shows Possible New Skin

Does this mean even more dancing?

Fortnite: Battle Royale’s Season 6 might have introduced music to the game, but developer Epic Games is taking things a step further with a legitimate collaboration with famed EDM DJ Marshmello. It might even play a huge part in the upcoming Fortnite Season 8 next month.

As part of a new version 7.20 patch released Tuesday, Epic Games introduced what’s obviously some kind of music video from the musician. The file itself is called “FortniteGame\Content\Movies\FestivusVideo5MinTest02.mp4.” Within minutes, Fortnite data-miners like [@lucas7yoshi]( discovered the video and uploaded it to the internet.

The song is a remixed version of “Wolves,” a collaboration between Marshmello and Selena Gomez. The visuals are trippy, to say the least, and involve shuffling LEGO bodies and Mario Kart-esque visuals more than anything that looks like it’s from Fortnite. But there is a digitized version of Marsmello that could feasibly be introduced to the game.

Could that mean a legitimate Marshemello outfit is coming to the world of Fortnite?

Marshmello’s manager Moe Shalizi teased the news in an Instagram story on Monday: “Something is coming with Mello and Fortnite next month that’s gonna have the world shook.”

Whatever the true nature of this collaboration, it won’t come into full effect until sometime in February. That also happens to be when Season 7 ends and Season 8 begins, so this mysterious new collaboration could coincide with some big changes to the world of Fortnite that has everything to do with next season.

For anyone unfamiliar with Marshmello, it’s the stage name used by musician Christopher Comstock. That bizarre persona comes with a recognizable helmet/mask that looks like a marshmallow with crudely-drawn Xs for eyes and a grinning mouth done in a similar style.

Marshmello famously participated in a pro-am Fortnite tournament at E3 2018 and won with Ninja as his partner, raising $1 million for charities in the process. The two have played Fortnite together on numerous occasions before and since, ultimately making Marshmello not only a famous musician but a prominent figure in the Fortnite fan community as well.

Spotify has a pretty handy playlist of essential Marshmello tunes for anyone that wants to get even more familiar with the musical artist before he becomes an even bigger part of the Fortnite community sometime in February.

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