Tesla Solar Roof: Images of a New Installation Show Its Incredible Design

Tesla's roof design is hiding solar in more homes.

Tesla’s solar roof is gradually rolling out to more homes. A new set of photos shared this week show a new installation at twilight, complete with cutouts for chimneys and other features. The design looks impressive, and it’s one of the few sightings seen on social media since the first installations appeared early last year.

The roof was shared by a now-deleted Twitter account, which was subsequently posted to Reddit by a user called “Potatochak,” where it received over 3,000 upvotes on the Tesla subreddit. The depicted tiles appear to be the textured variety, but the company also offers a smooth style depending on cosmetic appearance. Tesla recommends a normal house uses a mix of 35 percent solar tiles at $42 per square foot to 65 percent “dummy” tiles at $11 per square foot, resulting in an average price of $21.85 per square foot, but it’s unclear how many times are operational in these images.

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Tesla has been relatively quiet about its solar efforts, after CEO Elon Musk demonstrated the tiles as part of a fully-renewable “house of the future” in November 2016 with an electric car in the garage and battery harvesting the energy. Tesla started taking pre-orders in May 2017 for the first two styles, but while it claimed Tuscan and slate styles would start shipping in 2018, the designs still have yet to enter the pre-order stage.

Reports suggest that Tesla’s installations have been slow, but this could turn around soon. Reuters claimed in May 2018 that just 12 solar roofs were on the grid, including Amanda Tobler and Tri Huynh. However, the solar business achieved profit and growth in the third quarter of 2018 amid a wider solar market boost, and in the same call Musk stated that “we also start getting into volume production of the Solar Roof next year.”

The above images could signal a new wave of installations, which Tesla may explain in further detail during its next earnings call. This is estimated to take place on February 6.

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