World's Most Patient Gamer Defeats Hardest 'Dark Souls' Bosses With Voice Controls

Want to age a few years in an instant? Try what this guy did.

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Imagine if you could defeat your enemies with just your voice. The jerk that cuts you in line at Starbucks, the SOB that steals your girlfriend, or the professional rival in line for the same promotion as you. One gaming hero has done so, defeating Dark Souls’ hardest bosses with just voice commands.

A little background about Dark Souls: It’s hard as fuck. The whole series and its related titles can create tumors to lesser determined gamers. Its spiritual predecessor Demon’s Souls, its sequel Dark Souls II, Bloodbourne, and the upcoming Dark Souls III should come with warning labels. WARNING: WILL CAUSE INTENSE STRESS AND RAPID AGING.

Despite that, gamers like Benjamin “Bearzly” Gwin will take it one step further to remind the rest of us what a life is worth without suffering? On his Twitch and YouTube channels, Gwin plays these notoriously difficult games using Rock Band’s guitar and drum controllers, Donkey Konga’s konga drums, and other bizarre controllers not meant for these games at all. His most recent effort, however, is probably the most stunning: His voice, versus Dark Souls’ most difficult bosses, Ornstein and Smough.

From Reddit:

I used VoiceAttack (www.voiceattack.com) to translate voice controls into keyboard presses. For the most part the detection was good, but the latency was around 1.5 seconds, and commands couldn’t be chained together quickly. I ended up with a wide variety of commands (including some complex macros) but it was still extremely difficult.
30 hours of suffering, almost losing my voice several times, and 485 deaths later, I finally completed the game. 111 of those deaths were to O+S alone, not even counting the deaths on the way to the boss. I considered giving up and summoning Solaire a few times, but in the end I persisted and won the fight solo.
Hopefully you guys still like seeing these crazy runs! This run was more than twice as long as my previous worst run and probably caused some deep emotional scarring. I doubt I will try anything more insane than this, but I’m open to suggestions :P.

For a guy who willingly put himself through intense emotional stress without any conceivable repercussions like broken relationships, he is shockingly well-adjusted.

That is until he plays using my suggestion: A Dance Dance Revolution mat. Let’s see Gwin play that.