'Star Wars Episode 9' Rumors: Actor Sort of Confirms 1-Year Time Jump

Star Wars: Episode IX is still a big mystery, but one crucially important detail may have already been revealed: When exactly the new movie takes place.

Possible spoilers for Star Wars: Episode IX ahead.

In a recent interview with Empire Magazine, John Boyega revealed that Episode IX will begin one year after the end of The Last Jedi … or did he? As some fans have pointed out, the article didn’t include a quote of Boyega confirming this Star Wars spoiler. It just stated it as a fact.

That led one fan to tweet directly at Boyega in an attempt to confirm the report. Unfortunately, his response won’t do much to settle the debate.

“I don’t even remember having the interview,” he replied on Twitter. “I’m tired it’s been a long few months.” He included the emojis for tears of joy and a man shrugging.

That might sound like a denial, but if you read between the lines it’s clear that Boyega isn’t denying anything. He may or may not have revealed when Episode IX takes place, but he doesn’t remember. However, he’s also not willing to correct the claim, suggesting that there might be some truth to it after all.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like we can expect to see a new interview that clears up the confusion surrounding this information. “I don’t want a new one,” Boyega wrote in response to someone telling him he’ll get a new interview.

Considering how many questions we still have about Star Wars: Episode IX, from the trailer release date to the title to which Force ghosts might appear, maybe it’s best to just call this one settled. At least until Boyega (or someone else) definitively says otherwise.

Star Wars: Episode IX will be released on December 20, 2019.

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