Cheaper AirPods Alternative? These Are the Best Option 

Fully wireless sound without the Apple tax.

##Anker Soundcroe Liberty Total Wireless Earphones - $79.99

AirPods got a lot of grief when Apple first announced them, but we have to admit, as always, they got the last laugh. Having little white sticks dangling freely from your ears doesn’t look quite as ridiculous as we all imagined it would. Even if it did, it wouldn’t matter. It turns out the freedom offered by completely wireless earphones feels real good. There’s still one glaring issue though: The price.

$159.00 is a lot to pay for any earbuds. Even noise-cancelling wireless buds with a special chip that shaves two seconds off the bluetooth pairing time. The Soundcore Liberty Wireless Earphones may not have that, but they also cost just over half what Apple’s product does. That’s $79.00 saved by opting to spend the extra seconds it takes to pair these buds the normal way. Other than that, these do everything their more expensive alternatives do, some arguably better.

Anker has become the go-to solution for expensive sound at affordable prices, and the Soundcore Liberty earphones are no different. The sound quality is crystal clear, and the in-canal style might even fit your ear better, which would make for an immense improvement in clarity over Apple’s less flexible design. On the other end of the buds, dual mics make for excellent noise canceling, which is essential if your commute involves loud subway trains. The battery life easily rivals its competitors, with the earbuds lasting five hours on their own and an extra 15 when the carrying case has a full charge. You won’t even notice you didn’t spend an extra $79.00 for a brand.

Come to that, neither will anyone else. If the reason you buy Apple products is because they’re status symbols, we’ll let you in on a little secret. Nobody wants to get close enough to your ears to notice what brand is written on your earphones. Get the white version of these and you’ll be indistinguishable from your expensive brand-name earbud-wearing peers. If you’re tired of paying almost double for a logo, the Anker Soundcore Liberty True Wireless Earphones are the way to go.

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