'Aquaman': Hilarious Video Mocks the Original Actor, Vinny From 'Entourage'

You probably forgot that Vinny was the OG Aquaman.

Admit it, we all forgot that Vincent Chase, the protagonist of HBO’s Entourage, originally got his big break as an actor playing the lead in an Aquaman movie. In the tidal wake of the real Aquaman’s release this week, HBO is here to remind us and gently troll one of its own with a hilarious new video.

On Tuesday, HBO’s official Twitter account shared a video cutting together footage from Entourage and Aquaman to celebrate both. “Well this is aquward,” the tweet reads. We admire the cringeworthy pun, but the editing and humor on the hilarious video is far better.

The video reintroduces us to Vinny and his titular entourage, reminding us that he “got his big break playing the lead in Aquaman” directed by James Cameron and released in 2008 — 10 years ago in the Entouragiverse.

But when Vinny and his pals sit down at the Aquaman premiere, the footage is of Jason Momoa as the character in James Wan’s real-life 2018 version. “Who the fuck was that guy?” Vinny asks.

How did this bizarre mash-up even happen? Easy: Parent company WarnerMedia owns HBO, which produced Entourage. It also owns Warner Bros. Pictures, the company that created Aquaman and all the other live-action DC Comics films. Somebody had a good chuckle when they realized this connection and waited until the week of Aquaman’s release to make it all happen.

Entertainment Weekly caught up with Entourage creator Doug Ellin earlier this week about why, of all films, he picked Aquaman to be Vinny’s big break.

“I thought Aquaman sounded like the most ridiculous movie in the world and, to me, the only way to make it work was if James Cameron was directing it,” Ellin said. But because nobody offered Cameron Aquaman in the real world, he instead made Avatar.

Jason Momoa probably makes a way better Aquaman than Vinny ever could anyway.

The real Aquaman movies hits theaters on Friday, December 21.

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