'Fallout 76' Documentary Goes Behind the Scenes at Bethesda's Lavish Event

Follow one Fallout fan on his quest to figure out what this game is about.

It’s been a little over a month since Fallout 76 first launched, and for Bethesda and its fans, that’s meant four weeks of scandals, bugs, and a general sense of disappointment. But let’s travel back to October, when Fallout 76 was still just an idea, untarnished by reality, and one lifelong Fallout fan traveled to West Virginia for an early look at the now-controversial video game.

Bethesda invited Inverse, along with several dozen other news outlets, streamers, and online influencers, to get an early look at Fallout 76 from the historic Greenbrier Hotel. We spent several hours playing the game, talked to developers, toured an underground nuclear bunker, and attended a lavish Reclamation Day Party.

Ahead of the event, we also told Bethesda that our plan was to shoot a 76-minute documentary about the Fallout 76 preview, seen through the eyes of Fallout super fan (and Inverse video producer) Justin Dodd. This is that documentary, an unbiased look at exactly what happened.

In 76 minutes, you’ll watch Justin’s first reactions to playing the game, and his attempt to explain the plot of Fallout 76 based on that experience. You’ll also see interviews with developers, a detailed look at Bethesda’s Reclamation Day Party, lawn games, a falconry lesson, and so much more. Oh, and keep an eye out for that controversial Fallout 76 canvas bag.

Watch the full 76-minute documentary below:

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