'Star Wars: Episode 9' Leaks: Rey's Lightsaber May Return With 1 Big Change

The latest in a steady stream of supposed Star Wars: Episode IX leaks has everything to do with the overall design of the new Star Wars movie. If one random person on Reddit can be trusted, then Star Wars might start looking more like Game of Thrones in Episode IX. We also got updates on Rey’s buster lightsaber and Kylo Ren’s broken helmet. Read on for more Star Wars: Episode IX spoilers.

On Saturday, a redditor going by u/PlanetOfMisfitSoldrs posted to the r/starwarsspeculation subreddit claiming that they “work in design” on “things like posters” and “merchandise boxes.” Someone like that, in theory, would have intimate knowledge of character costumes and props, so they have some very interesting information about Kylo Ren and Rey’s new looks.

Before we go any further, it’s worth noting that none of this information is confirmed. It could all be fake, though much of it lines up with what we’ve previously heard about Star Wars: Episode I. And assuming it is true, this should go without saying, but: Spoilers ahead.

“Looks more Game of Thrones than Star Wars, but in a good way,” the leaker said while talking about Rey’s new costume, adding that it “for some reason really drives home … that she’s a Jedi Knight.”

They even use the word “knightly” to describe it, and one design choice that emphasizes that even more is a surprising change to her lightsaber.

“Rey’s lightsaber is the same one, but it’s been repaired and modified,” the redditor writes. “It is now like Kylo’s, unstable and like a claymore.” By “claymore,” they’re referencing Kylo Ren’s crossguard lightsaber style, a necessary modification because his kyber crystal is cracked.

Rey already has experience with this style of lightsaber.


The classic blue Skywalker lightsaber that Kylo Ren and Rey fought over in The Last Jedi was “broken,” according to the hosts of The Star Wars Show, but if this new rumor is true, then maybe the damage isn’t as extensive as we previously thought. If that kyber crystal is still usable, then it makes sense that Rey would have to utilize quillon power vents just like with Kylo Ren’s crossguard blade.

Speaking of Kylo Ren, previous rumors indicated that he would get some kind of new helmet, or at least a modified version of his old one. According to this leak, that’s not exactly the case, though it’s not too far off either.

“There are a special troop of red and black stormtroopers whose helmets are his mask,” the redditor writes. Most importantly, “He looks more evil in all these pictures than he ever has” because “he finally has those evil yellow eyes.”

That could be an indication of a full transition over to the Dark side, which is exactly what happened to his grandfather Anakin Skywalker when he embraced becoming Darth Vader in Episode III.

Take a look at the full post right here:

Perhaps the most interesting other note in this post alongside various costume alterations is a line about the Knights of Ren: “The Knights of Ren are fucking scary, and they are all women.”

If there’s one thing that’ll upset the men that made a sexist “no women” fan edit of The Last Jedi, it’s this. Of course, that’s assuming any of these leaks are true, though they do make a lot of sense so far.

Star Wars: Episode IX will be released December 20, 2019.

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