15 Findings in PornHub's Massive Data Dump That We're Still Processing TBH

All it takes is one off-the-wall piece of porno trivia to get! The! Party! Going!

Look, everybody loves a good pornography fact. Awkward first date? Low-energy house party? Stuffy high school reunion? All it takes is just one particularly off-the-wall piece of porno trivia to get! The! Party! Going! Trust us. If you’re in need of your own fun fact, here are the 15 findings from Pornhub’s massive data dump that we’re still processing TBH.

Earlier this week, Pornhub released its sixth-annual Year in Review, a blindingly extensive data summation culled, in part, from Pornhub’s Insights blog. All the information you’d ever need about how people are getting off, and where, and why, and when.

It’s a lot to wrap your head around. After all, insights from the world’s largest adult content site offers far more than a window into what gets people going; it offers a way of thinking about the year’s defining moments in pop culture, the emerging economy surrounding internet creators, and our evolving relationship with technology.

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15. Pornhub is the Most Popular Kid in School

In 2018, Pornhub’s daily visit average topped 100 million, more than the populations of Canada, Poland and Australia combined.

14. And Porn Creators Were Buuuuusy

To keep up with the 962 searches per second, Pornhub’s community of porn producers uploaded more than 1 million hours of content this year. That’s 114 years. Of porn. You will never ever watch it all. Sorry.

We weep for the poor moderators. 


13. So Busy, 2002 Internet Could Never Even

This year, Pornhub’s servers transferred 4403 Petabytes of data. That’s more bandwith than the entire, like, internet used in 2002.

12. Americans Love Their Porn Mobile

91 percent of Americans visited Pornhub on their phones, rather than desktop or laptop computers.

11. Hey, Fortnite Content is Fortnite Content

When the Fortnite server crashed on April 11, Pornhub saw a 60 percent increase in Fortnite searches over that 24 hour period. Gotta get that fix somewhere? I guess?

10. “Bowsette” The Non-Video Game Video Game Character Bangs

Speaking of video games, “Bowsette,” the fan-created Bowser/Princess Peach mash-up character who seduces Mario, became the most searched “video game character” of 2018, racking up over three million searches in a single week - even though Bowsette has never actually appeared in a video game.

A fan rendering of Bowsette, one of the year's defining porn queries. 

9. Filipino Women Are Among Pornhub’s #1 Fans

The Philippines has the highest percentage of female Pornhub visitors in the world. The average is 29 percent per country, up three percent from last year; in the Philippines, it’s 38 percent.

8. And Women Worldwide are Chris Crocker Fans

Remember the “Leave Britney Alone” video? Of course you do. The tear-streaked Britney Spears superfan is now a prominent gay porn actor and beloved, apparently, by female Pornhub visitors, who are 451% more likely to search for him.

7. Women Also Love International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day, women visited Pornhub in above average numbers both in the morning, around 7 a.m., and at night, around 9 p.m. The search term “women’s day” experienced over a 1600 percent growth in popularity.

6. Oh, and “Gangbang” Videos

Women are twice as likely to search for “gangbang” videos. They’re also twice as likely to search “romantic,” so who know, honestly.

5. Sunday is Porn’s Day

But worldwide, Sunday is the most popular Pornhub day of the week, particularly around 11 p.m. That’s one way to tackle the Sunday scaries.

4. And Apple’s Special Event is Apple’s Day

Pornhub traffic went down 11 percent during Apple’s annual Event in October.

Apple events like the iPhone event tend to preempt big drop-offs in porn viewing. 


3. Countries Love Their Own Porn

In India, the top search was “Indian.” In Japan, “Japanese.” French people loved “francaise,” Germans love “German,” Italians loved “italiana” - you get the picture.

2. Although Germany Also Loves Some Kinky, Uh, Stuff

Their top “relative categories” - that is, the categories they viewed more, compared to the world wide average - were, in order, “pissing,” “fetish,” “feet” and “bondage.”

1. … But Everybody, Still Loves MILFs

“MILF” is within the top five searches in the United States, the U.K., Canada, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Sweden, the Netherlands, France - to name just a few.

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