45 Items to Upgrade Your Life in 2019

Luxury watches, modern kitchen gadgets, fancy tech and more.

The New Year is here, and that means you’re about to see all of your friends and family posting about their goals and resolutions. So we want to know, what are you hoping to do now that January has rolled around? Do you want to be be more organized? Looking to find a way to get a better night’s sleep? Have no interest in making drastic changes to your day to day? Whatever your answer is, we’ve decided to round up some awesome products that can help instantly upgrade your life in 2019.

From a super soft cloud-like robe and a sweatshirt meant to last you ten (!) years to a charcoal-infused memory foam pillow and the most beautiful coffee maker you’ve ever seen, here are 45 items you never knew you needed.

1. A minimalist pad that’ll charge four devices at once

Built with two wireless options and two plugs, you can charge up to four devices using Nomad’s sleek hub.

2. The levitating moon lamp your desk’s been missing

The fact that this little moon features realistic craters, levitates above a wooden base and rotates, is pretty cool on its own. But this gadget also doubles as a lamp that mimics lunar light.

3. These are the coziest wool slippers your feet have felt

Grab your favorite sherpa, some snacks and these handmade, wool slippers and you’ll be cozy by the fire all winter long.

4. This robe makes you feel like you’re hugging a cloud

There’s nothing like wrapping yourself in 100% organic cotton. All you need is some breakfast in bed to make the experience that much better.

5. A set of organic, quick-drying towels that’ll impress your guests

You won’t mind getting out of a warm shower if you’re about to wrap yourself in one of Catalina’s towels. They’re both quick drying and extremely soft.

6. The most luxurious coffee maker you’ve ever seen

Hand assembled with a laboratory-grade borosilicate carafe, walnut accents and die-cast aluminum, the Ratio Eight brews barista-like coffee at the touch of a button. This gadget alone will make your kitchen the envy of all of your friends.

7. A durable mug set with a one-of-a-kind design

You can’t have your Ratio Eight morning cup of Joe without a unique mug. This set’s design is one of a kind.

8. This genius wallet/phone case hybrid frees up space in your pocket

This Horween leather phone case doubles as a wallet. It will fit up to six cards and has a slot for cash so you can carry less when you’re on-the-go.

9. This nearly indestructible cup keeps your drinks at the temperature you want

The Rambler’s stainless steel contraction and double wall insulation keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot.

10. A lightweight coat that will keep you warm during transitional months

A great alternative for unpredictable weather and in-between seasons, Grayer’s quilted jacket is lightweight, water-resistant, and padded to keep you snug.

11. Sunglasses with a lifetime warranty

Sunski’s Navarros lenses are built to last, which is definitely not something you can say about all sunglasses on the market. Should anything happen to them, the brand offers a lifetime warranty.

12. A powerful, Alexa-enabled speaker that travels with you

Sure this speaker does what any ole good speaker does, it fills the room with your tunes. But this product goes one step further thanks to its built-in Amazon Alexa and WiFi capabilities. Simply ask Alexa to play music from Spotify, Pandora and more.

13. Wireless earbuds with amazing sounds that rivals AirPods

If you’re looking for wireless earbuds that offer amazing sound quality, this pair is for you. They’re designed to resist water and sweat, and come with different ear tip options so you can pick the size that works best for you.

14. A practical pair of work globes with a bonus wool liner

This pair of durable streerhide gloves has a removable wool liner for that extra bit of warmth to get you through a long day of work and/or time spent outside.

15. Waterproof sneakers that will keep your feet dry through the elements

You know how uncomfortable it can be when rain slowly seeps through your sneakers into your socks. With these waterproof kicks, you can forever avoid this all together. The lightweight construction will make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud, while the moisture-wicking outer layer keeps your feet cool and odor-free.

16. A sustainably-produced pouch that organizes all of your personal items

Keep all of your toiletries or everyday necessities (like pens, chargers, etc.) neat and tidy inside Bellroy’s sustainably-produced pouch.

17. A beautiful vintage watch without the luxury price tag

A vintage-inspired watch has the ability to dress up just about any outfit. The best part? You don’t have to spend hundreds (or thousands) for a luxurious timepiece like this one.

18. This memory foam pillow is infused with charcoal to keep your head cool

Looking for a better night’s sleep? It’s time to invest in some long-lasting high-tech pillows. This memory foam version from Urban Bloom is infused with charcoal to keep away odors and help the product stay cool.

19. Warm, yet breathable, sheets that will make it difficult to get out of bed

There’s nothing like slipping under the covers on a freezing winter night. Now imagine adding in some soft, organic cotton flannel sheets.

20. All the natural ingredients you need for your best shave yet

We all get lazy, and sometimes that involves using a razor without any prep or aftercare. You will really see a difference, however, if you start adding Los Poblanos’ shave kit, featuring a brush, bowl, and handmade bar of soap, to your routine.

21. A trendy ceramic diffuser that lets you dabble in aromatherapy

This ultrasonic diffuser spreads your favorite essentials oils throughout any room. Even more, the ceramic design will seamlessly blend in with your decor.

22. All of the tools you need to cook, in one modern package

This luxurious set of kitchen tools comes complete with three knives, tongs, a wooden and metal spoon, an air whisk, slotted spatula and spoon, and, last but not least, a stand to keep all these utensils organized.

23. Transform your tap water in style with biodegradable filters

Keep your tap water clean, free of chlorine and tasting good with Soma’s biodegradable filters. It doesn’t hurt that this pitcher would make a chic addition to any dining room table.

24. A fire pit that doubles as a grill for the best camping experience

This firepit/grill combo will have you saying goodbye to all of the smoke that comes with a nice campfire. Not only can you adjust the fire’s intensity thanks to airjets and a rechargeable power pack, you can also add on a grate to grill burgers, kebabs, and more using charcoal.

25. The hoodie that’ll save you from ever having to buy a hoodie ever again

Made with quality fleece, heavy-duty zippers and reinforced twill seams, this comfortable, and quite basic, hoodie is meant to last you 10+ years. In fact, if there are any rips or tears, the brand will repair it.

26. Flashlight on the outside, first aid kit on the inside

This flashlight/survival kit hybrid is definitely not your average first aid kit. On the outside the tool is, like mentioned, an LED flashlight. Inside you’ll find everything you could ever possibly need in case of an emergency on one of your outdoor trips. This includes: antiseptic wipes, cotton pads, bandages, aspirin tablets, safety pins, gloves and tweezers.

27. This leak-proof growler keeps your beverages cool and carbonated all day long

Stanley’s growler will keep your beverages carbonated and cold for hours. It’s leak-proof, stainless steel design makes it the perfect product for any and all outdoor adventures.

28. A handy organizer that sticks to any bathroom surface

Stop wasting time in the morning searching for your comb or toothbrush while still half asleep. Instead, sleep in for a few extra minutes and keep all of your toiletries together in one place on your bathroom wall.

29. The tear-resistant duffle that fits everything you need for weekend getaways

If you’re one to head out of town on weekends and/or have been using the same backpack for travel since your freshman year, it’s time for an upgrade. Designed with water-resistant cotton canvas and vegetable-tanned leather, this baby is made to last.

30. A wireless thermometer that helps to perfectly cook your meat

With help from Meater, you’ll never overcook your meat again. All you have to do is insert the wireless thermometer into whatever you’re preparing, and start cooking. You’ll receive updates and notifications through the brand’s app.

31. Handblown whiskey glasses with an international twist

Take entertaining to a new level with this set of handblown whiskey glasses. Mirroring four international mountains (the Matterhorn, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Fuji and Mount Everest), they’ll make for a great conversation starter.

32 A lightweight wallet with top secret hidden compartments

Your larger bills and important cards will stay safe and hidden inside this wallet’s built-in secret compartments.

33. Think of this as a detangler… for your cords!

Gone are the days of having to dig through your bag to find your phone charger tangled with your headphones. Secure all your cords and plugs together in this beautifully-crafted leather case.

34. Adventure-inspired candles to add some calm to any room

Notes of bay laurel, whisky, sea salt, and cedar will have you yearning for your next adventure.

35. The unique cocktail set that spices up your at-home bar

Your guests will be instantly impressed when you take out this unique cocktail set. Make mojitos, martinis and more with the included mason jar, muddler and jigger.

36. Snuggle up with wool on one side, sherpa on the other

It might be freezing outdoors, but inside you’ll be warm and cozy with Woolrich’s sherpa and wool blanket.

37. A toiletries kit that hangs on any door for easy access

Unlike other travel kits out there, Aer’s is made with a 1680D Cordura nylon exterior, a material originally created for military armor. But that’s not the only awesome feature. There’s plenty of external and internal pockets to store whatever it is you will need on-the-go.

38. A cologne that will instantly bring you back to memories at the beach

Tired of the cologne you’ve been using for years? Formulated with clean, paraben-free ingredients, Abbott’s The Cape leaves you with a beach-inspired aroma.

39. This organizer has 15 slots to keep all your valuables in one place

Whether you’re traveling overseas or to a business meeting across town, the Mod5 organizer will keep all your valuable safe and in one place. There are pockets for money, a phone, a tablet, pens, a notebook, headphones and more.

40. The ceramic bowl that will make #mealprep that much more enjoyable

Easily pack and carry your lunch without having to worry about it spilling during your commute.

41. The backpack with never-ending pockets for storage

2019 is the year to stop throwing everything you own into your bag and calling it a day. Peak Design’s Everyday backpack will help you do just this. It features multiple dividers and pockets for organization. Plus, it’s crafted with waterproof materials and comfortable shoulder straps.

42. A beautiful quality watch that won’t break the bank

Featuring a beautiful Horween leather band and a black dial, this timepiece is the perfect everyday accessory.

43. This insulated vest keeps you warm and dry, but not confined

Though super lightweight, Howler Brothers’ vest will keep you both warm and dry when temperatures drop thanks to water-resistant materials and Primaloft One insulation.

44. The concrete slabs that will keep your desk from looking like a mess

These desk supply organizers add a modern touch to any office they’re placed in.

45. The razors that will give you a soft, barber shop-like shave

Get a comfortable, precise shave with Harry’s Truman Set. Included is a high quality razor with three blades and your choice of foaming gel or shave cream.

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