'Bumblebee' Transformers Movie: Watch 'Bee Evade the Cops in Exclusive Clip

This robot is more rebellious than ever.

The latest Transformers movie, Bumblebee, doesn’t hit theaters for a few more weeks, but we’ve got an exclusive clip from the film where everyone’s favorite Transformer gets chased by the police and dodges them with his typical rebellious style, all while rocking out to Sammy Hagar’s “I Can’t Drive 55.”

In the scene, Hailee Steinfeld’s Charlie and her best friend Memo (Jorge Lendeborg Jr.) ride inside of Bumblebee as the Autobot cruises down a road at night. “My heart right now is going crazy!” she says. After doing something else exciting beforehand, Bumblebee cruises past a police car going way too fast and a brief chase scene ensues where Bumblebee partially transforms himself with Charlie and Memo still inside to evade the cop.

First, he narrows his body before running along the wall before doing an epic flip maneuver to disable the police cruiser and speeding away like it was no big deal.

As this is 1987, Bumblebee assumes the form of an old-school Volkswagen Beetle whenever he pretends to be a car. And it’s pretty rad that rather than obey the cops, Bumblebee prefers to blast “I Can’t Drive 55” at top volume and speed away.

“I Can’t Drive 55” is also an excellent song choice considering it’s an ‘80s power ballad all about being rebellious and cruising way over the speed limit — something Bumblebee has always been fond of.

After a string of grim, apocalyptic Transformer films, Bumblebee’s starting to look like a welcome breath of fresh air for the franchise and we can’t wait to see more. So if the yellow Autobot continues having this much fun, then Bumblebee’s bound to be a wild ride that runs way over the speed limit.

Bumblebee hits theaters on December 21, 2018, but fans can attend early screenings on December 8 at select theatres in the U.S. and Canada at 7 p.m. nationwide. These paid early-access screenings include a ticket to the movie, bonus content, and a “Transformers: Tiny Turbo Changers Movie Toy” from Hasbro while supplies last.

Watch the trailer for ‘Bumblebee’ below.