'Fortnite' Forbidden Dance Locations: Video, Map, and Guide for Season 7

What is this, 'Footloose'?

Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 7 is finally here, and the infamous “no dancing” signs are once again important. This time around, they’re in some different locations, however.

Season 7 began in the early hours of Thursday, December 6 when the mysterious iceberg crashed right into the island and created a new wintery area in the southwest corner of the map. The new Battle Pass has some exciting new additions, and for some reason there are two dancing challenges in Week 1.

One has players dance on top of an RV Crown, metal turtle, and submarine has players dance on top of three specific landmarks. But another has players “dance in different forbidden locations,” a classic challenge type involving “no dancing” signs all around the map shaped like stop signs.

There’s no rhyme or reason to their placement. Some are in urban centers with others on tall peaks or coastal cliffs, but they all look the same: the black silhouette of a basic Fortnite character dancing next to a few music notes with a white background and a red circle with a line through it.

The “no dancing!” message is pretty clear, but everybody ignores them.

Here are all of the Forbidden Dance Locations we're seeing.

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Players only need to dance at seven of these signs, and there are at least 10 spread out across the map. There’s one almost perfect strategy that should let most players get three or more in a single match.

Here’s what to do: Land directly at the southwestern-most no dancing sign in the winter area of the map. That sign is right on the tip of the coast. From there, walk northeast to a small building with ziplines attached. Ride that zipline up further northeast, and players should find themselves in a small campsite with yet another no dancing sign and an airplane.

From here, the sky is literally the limit.

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From there, the sky is literally the limit. Depending on the trajectory of the storm, players can fly north, northeast, or east to other locations. But be careful as planes don’t move that fast and make for a pretty easy target from certain directions.

According to the in-game countdown, Fortnite Season 7 doesn’t end until February 27, 2019. So players have plenty of time to tackle this and other challenges.

Here’s a look at the new winter wonderland that is Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 7 in the new trailer.

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