Meet the Fully Customized Laptop You Can Buy on a Bargain

Buying a laptop is always frustrating for two reasons:

  1. You get a great laptop at a bargain but you’re punished by the lack of features.
  2. You get a great laptop with most of the bells and whistles but you end up taking out a small loan or a second mortgage to pay for it.

Seemingly the laptop buying experience is meant to frustrate more than it’s been meant to make you feel good about the purchase and the price.

HP may be the first company trying to fix the process by giving you the fully customized experience at a price that won’t stress you out. They understand that the way we feel good about the things we own is when we feel like it’s designed for our needs and priced for what we feel comfortable spending.

Take the Omen, HP’s next level gaming laptop. The laptop comes standard with a 4k graphics display, a keyboard designed to capture and record every moment of action in gameplay and Intel Optane Memory that ensures the computer gets better and faster so you’re never having to deal with lag time due to the hardware inside your laptop. What does that mean? You know when you can’t find your mouse on the screen or every tab on on your browser freezes? HP’s technology makes that better and less likely over time.


What’s even better is that not only does the standard Omen give users one incredible gaming experience but you can choose to customize it in any number of ways: from updating the processor and graphics to the memory and the display you can make improvements immediately so the laptop you bring home is tailored to you.

But the customizable experience isn’t just for gaming. Even if late night Call of Duty runs aren’t your thing and you’re just into streaming Netflix or you use it for work, there’s a model that’s fully customizable. The options extend beyond the Omen. From HP’s Elitebook to their 2 & 1 laptop/tablet the HP Spectre, there’s a little bit of everything.

Spectre X360HP

And this is the perfect time of year to take advantage of this incredibly personal experience. With the holidays here, HP is running a ton of great deals. You can get hundreds off on a laptop and pocket the savings or use it to upgrade your laptop.

The next computer you buy will be your purchase to live with for years. Either you can spend your time with a laptop you love built just for you with incredible customer support along the way or you can buy another brand for more money for features you don’t love. You should buy the laptop you want.

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