'Anna and the Apocalypse' Soundtrack: New Video Clip Previews Catchy Song

Good morning! Everything’s fine. Just ignore the zombie apocalypse everywhere. It’s a brand new day, and you’re miles away.

On Tuesday, Orion Pictures released a new video preview of the show-stopping number, “Turning My Life Around,” from the new coming-of-age zombie comedy musical Anna and the Apocalypse, set for nationwide release on December 7.

Set in the suburban English town of Little Haven, Anna (Ella Hunt) must survive a Christmas nightmare when zombies have inexplicably taken over the world.

While the full number is performed by stars Ella Hunt and Malcolm Cumming (who plays Anna’s platonic bestie, “John”), the 50-second preview features only Hunt’s performance as the oblivious Ella, who hysterically doesn’t notice the emergence of flesh-eating zombies on her way to school.

The scene is reminiscent of another cult British zombie hit, Edgar Wright’s Shaun of the Dead, where Simon Pegg’s Shaun fails to see the scary new world around him when he picks up a Cornetto cone at the corner store.

The release of the clip also marks the release of the film’s entire soundtrack on most major music platforms (iTunes, Google Play, etc.) and streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal.

As someone who has only had to sustain himself through the infectious ear-worm that is “Hollywood Ending,” which has been streaming since New York Comic Con (where the film held several panels attended by the cast and crew), this is truly a blessing.

Just a normal day, TBH.

Orion Pictures

While the music does get a tad bit spoiler-y, I highly recommend listening to some of it to get a taste of just how delightful this new Christmas classic really is. “Soldier of War,” performed by Ben Wiggins, is my personal favorite, but believe me when I say that teens will be singing “Hollywood Ending” non-stop after the movie hits theaters.

Anna and the Apocalypse will be released everywhere on December 7.

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