Vince Staples Darkens the Dance Floor

New track with Switch (formerly of Major Lazer) is creepy and irresistible.


Dave Taylor, better known as Switch (who founded Major Lazer with Diplo) has a new project called With You., Pitchfork reports. With You.’s been slowly adding more dance takes on rap songs to their SoundCloud, including a remix of the Drake-Meek-beef-inspiring track “R.I.C.O.”

Vince Staples released Summertime ‘06 in June to universal acclaim – Inverse included. Now, with With You., he’s got a dance track to his name.

“Ghost” is so successful because Staples speeds up his flow, adapting perfectly to the upbeat, repetitive house instrumental. He also doesn’t waste the dance space by spitting something uplifting. In true Staples fashion, he turns the typical trope of getting high (it is a club track) into something scary by repeating, “So damn high might see a ghost.”

Last week, we saw DJ Mustard try his hand at EDM much less well. On his dance track, “Why’d You Call?,” Mustard tries to be something he’s not. Unfortunately, as the producer, it’s up to Mustard to succeed or fail. The instrumental’s already there for Staples, but he still makes it his own.