‘Future Man’ Season 2 Trailer Shows Us Seth Rogen's New Character Susan

The mission to save the world in Future Man Season 1 totally failed, and the first teaser trailer for the new season (watch it above!) hints at how Josh, Tiger, and Wolf will try to fix things in the year 2162. But we also meet somebody new played by the show’s recognizable executive producer Seth Rogen. His name? Susan.

Hulu released the teaser on Tuesday for Season 2, which premieres January 11, 2019 on the streaming platform. There are plenty of crazy scenes featured Josh, Tiger, and Wolf in a new future where a hologram Stu Camillo is the digital overlord, Josh gets experimented on, Tiger deals with her high-pitched doppelganger, and Wolf has some kind of family.

Whereas this trailer is mostly just flashes of the action with little context, a longer trailer that played after a screening for Season 2, Episode 1 at New York Comic Con in October offered a few speaking lines for Rogen’s character. “My name is Susan,” he said to Josh, before adding something like (we’re paraphrasing here), “I know where you come from that’s a lady’s name, but here in the future, things are very different.”

Why does Susan have them trapped in some kind of mirror room?Hulu

In this new trailer, Susan appears very briefly, offering the above flourish while Josh, Tiger, and Wolf behind him wear some kind of prison uniform or hospital garb. Are they his prisoners? Or is he helping them? And what’s with the odd room of mirrors they’re in?

In the official description for Season 2, a “shadowy organization” called the Pointed Circle wants to take Stu down, so is it possible that Rogen’s Susan is the enigmatic leader of the Pointed Circle? His costume and presence definitely make him seem like a big deal. The first episode screened at New York Comic Con only introduced us to a few lesser members of this organization, so we’re bound to meet more throughout the season.

There’s also no way to know for sure whether Stu or the Pointed Circle are the “good guys” in the future. After all, it wouldn’t be Future Man without plenty of ambiguity.

The only way to find out is to watch Season 2 when it lands on Hulu in January.

Future Man Season 2 premieres on Hulu Friday, January 11, 2019.