Demetrious Johnson Kicks Butt in the UFC and in 'Fortnite' on 'Squad Up'

You should see these Grapple Gun skills.

When the Squad Up fellas teamed up with UFC legend Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson, they learned all about the secrets to fitness. Getting in shape is all about diet. “When it comes time for me to really get into competition, I buckle down, eat healthy, drink lots of water,” Johnson said while playing Fortnite.

Johnson was the first UFC flyweight champion ever and defended his title 11 times, which is the UFC record for most consecutive title defenses. But despite some really sick plays in Fortnite: Battle Royale, he couldn’t quite bring home the Victory Royale when playing with Always Foggy and Queen Juice.

While on Squad Up, Johnson talked at great length about his enthusiasm for video games, and how it emerged when he was a kid. His family didn’t have cable, so playing video games was his primary form of night time entertainment. These days, he’s captain of Team Mighty, taking on Team Rampage for an IGN esports showdown in SoulCaliber VI — and he’s still winning titles.

Johnson also still plays World of Warcraft like he’s done for years.

What’s the craziest thing Johnson has ever done with his prize winnings? He once spent $36,000 on a watch that he promises will be a family heirloom for generations to come. He calls it his “prized possession,” which means a lot coming from a guy who’s held a championship belt in his hands plenty of times before.

What’s his Fortnite style? Johnson doesn’t wear any back bling, especially not Pets.

Who needs a Pet when you’ve got mad skills with the Grapple Gun?

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