'Toy Story 4' Trailer 2: Key and Peele Butcher Buzz Lightyear's Catchphrase

Something doesn't add up here.

The first trailer for Toy Story 4 introduced the world to Forky, a bizarre new “toy” that’s actually just a plastic spork with googly eyes and pipe cleaner arms. The second trailer, adds two more characters (Ducky and Bunny, voiced by Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele) while also mocking one of the movie franchise’s most iconic lines.

“To Infinity and Beyond!”

Take a second and think about those words. They don’t really make sense.

“You can’t go to infinity dummy, that’s impossible,” Bunny says, laughing right in Buzz Lightyear’s face.

“You don’t know nothing about science,” Ducky adds.

But the best part of the video comes slightly earlier, when the two new characters, both carnival prizes unwinding after a day of work, attempt to remember Buzz’s catchphrase.

“To infinity and your mom!”

“To insanity and a blonde!”

“To immunity and respond?”

“To indecency and…”

“To infrequently…”

None of these are any better than the real catchphrase, but at least most of them make scientific sense. Right?

Ducky and Bunny will presumably play some sort of role in Toy Story 4, which suggests the movie could take place at least in part at a carnival. Key and Peele were also added to the movie’s IMDb page on Tuesday morning as part of the surprise.

Then again, the trailer itself clearly breaks the fourth wall, with Ducky and Bunny discussing yesterday’s trailer and sharing their excitement over the news that Toy Story is coming back for a fourth film. They even wink at the audience, directly acknowledging that the series probably should have ended after Toy Story 3.

The rest of the video plays out like an animated version of Key and Peele’s classic Valets sketch, with the two characters acting out some of their favorite moments from the Toy Story films. So basically, it’s comedy gold.

Check out the full trailer up top (if you haven’t already) and then watch rewatch the original trailer below.

Toy Story 4 hits theaters on June 21, 2019.

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