The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Tech Lover in Your Life

For the tech savvy person in your life, it can be difficult to find something they don't already have. 


Fear not what to buy the tech lover in your life, I’ve got your back. Sometimes it can be daunting to find an affordable, but still quality for the person in your life that already seems to have everything. But rest assured, you have options. You don’t have to upgrade their phone, computer, refridgerator or home security system to stand out. Technology is everywhere and in a fast paced technological world, the options are only getting more robust.

You can bestow the gift of convenience on anyone who needs it. You can provide the gift of autopilot to your friend that never takes a break. You can find a good gift for any special someone in your life just by surrending to this gift guide. You’re humbled enough to come here. To ask for help. To beg the question, “what do I get the tech lover in my life?”

Below are my 8 answers to that question.

Meross Smart WiFi Wall Light Switch, 2-Pack

Best For: An older relative, your brother who travels a lot, your father that is always turning off light switches

Why We Picked It: It’s no secret that we’re on the path to fully automated smart houses, but it’s no secret that the cost of automating a home can be prohibitive. Help your loved one jump to the year 3000 with a remote control enabled light switch. Great for older relatives with accessibility concerns, the person in your life who is never home and the energy saver in your life, the Meross Smart Light switch can be turned on or off and set to do so automatically with an app. It lights up in the dark so you never have to feel around for the switch. It can be integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can literally tell your light switch to turn off once you are already under the covers.

The Ultimate Tech Training Bundle

Best For: The Freelancer in Your Life, The Person Going Through A Mid-Life Crisis Well Before Or Well After Mid-Life, The Person Eager To Learn More

Why We Picked It: Right now, the Ultimate Tech Training Bundle is 99% off its usual price. What that means is what is usually available for the prohibitive price of $2,349 is not that price now. Give the gift of lifetime access to over 900 complete courses and more than 2,100 hours of content 24/7. Gift this bundle and with it, give the gift of resume enhancement in programming, web development, software testing, mobile apps, networking, ecommerce, design, data and much more. Test those skills with built-in, self-paced tests and quizzes. And do so while earning actual certifications in those subjects.

SoundBot HD Premium Bluetooth Speaker

Best For: The Music Lover That Doesn’t Love Headphones, The Person Who Always Hosts

Why We Picked It: Everyone who has ever bought a lackluster speaker knows there is no substitute for one that is actually loud. But where volume is concerned so is distortion. The SoundBot HD Premium Bluetooth Speaker is made with that in mind with dual 5W speakers that reproduce protent bass, have a dynamic mid-range and noticably crisp high notes. Light up touch controls enable the user to control music through the speaker in any level of darkness. And a bluetooth range of up to 33 feet allows the person controlling the music to take their phone or iPod into the kitchen, basement or out to the car without the possibility of disrupting music flow.

Nix Pro Color Sensor

Best For: The Artist Always Striving To Do More, The Designer Who Loves To Play With Color

Why We Picked It: There is nothing cooler than technology that does the hard work for you. Make life and art easier with the tool that grabs the color you want from the object you are looking at. Meet the Nix Pro Color Sensor, the supercharged gadget made to grab CMYK, HEX, sRGB, CIELAB, LCH, LRV values to translate a color seen in real life to your digital world. It blocks out all ambient light to deliver the most accurate match no matter where you are. And with a battery life of up to 3,000 scans, this isn’t a gadget you’re going to have to constantly charge to keep usable.

Chargerito: The World’s Smallest iPhone Charger

Best For: The One Who Always Travels, Who Hangs Out in Airports and Coffee Shops All Over the World

Why We Picked It: It’s cool and convenient! Do you need anything else from your tech? Meet the Chargerito, the compact and pocket sized phone charger that doesn’t require a cord. Charge any product that uses a lightnight cord. Use the included clip to carry your new little buddy on your keyring and never be caught without a charger again.


Best For: The Person In Your Life That Likes Everything To Have A Place or The Person In Your Life That Never Knows Where Their Things Are

Why We Picked It: If you’re a seasoned lunch packer or have ever experienced envy for the person in the office who packs the best lunches, you probably know what a Bento Box is. If not, meet the BentoStack, the neat box of stackable trays where everything has a place. Specifically designed with Apple products in mind, there is a perfectly sized slot for storing the Apple Pencil as well as sections for wrapping power cords, storing wall plugs and includes silicone straps if you ever lose or need extras for your Apple Watch.

CINEMOOD Portable Movie Projector

Best For: The Presenter or Cinema Lover in Your Life, The Minimalist Who Still Doesn’t Own A Television

Why We Picked It: I’m sure you remember the days of car trips with the portable DVD player. Welcome to 2018, we don’t have DVDs here, but we do have the CINEMOOD Portable Movie Projector. Perfect for backyard barbecues, small screening parties or just watching a movie you own while on a plane, this travel friendly, 3-inch gadget is a screen whenever you need one. Connect it to your computer via micro-USB, connect via Bluetooth or WiFI, or download content to the SD card and you are ready to go. Use your phone or Apple Watch as a remote.

chargeONE Wireless Smartphone Charger

Best For: The Person Who’s Been Buying A New Charging Cord Every Month Since 2008

Why We Picked It: I wrote about the Chargerito, but maybe that’s not for everyone. Maybe you just want to lay your phone down on your night stand at night and forget about it. Maybe you don’t want to feel around next to the bed in sleep-induced delirum for your too short cord. Maybe you just don’t like sitting next to an outlet when you could be doing other things. Enter the chargeONE Wireless Smartphone Charger. With a promised fast 10w charge, built-in advanced battery detection and a rubberized anti-slip ring to keep your phone in place, this is another cool and convenient option for our fast-paced phone-centric culture.


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