This Is the Most Beautiful Coffee Maker for Your Money

This super sleek, super smart coffee maker is a serious upgrade to your morning routine.

Making great coffee at home is the American ideal. Not only are you avoiding long lines, shelling out $5 every morning for that sweet sweet hit of java, and that one super mean barista, but there’s something empowering about the routine of it all: Grinding your beans, pouring it out. It’s just better.

But how do you want to make your coffee? A lot of people swear by the pour over. A french press is always good to have around. Maybe you want to have some real Hamptons Mom hours and go in on a Nespresso machine. That’s all fine, but right now we’re really into the Ratio Eight coffee maker.

This is as close to a super smart coffee-making robot as we’re gonna get for the foreseeable future. The design is stunning, and its easy-to-use controls can also automatically detect how much coffee to make. This is the ultimate in precision coffee making that can also function as a high-end art piece for your home. It ain’t cheap, but a five-year warranty means you’ll be buying a lot, lot less coffee to go. Grab it here now.

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