5 Lollapalooza Sets To Catch Streaming This Weekend

Don't exert energy for live music when Lollapalooza is playing all weekend online. 


This weekend in Chicago is Lollapalooza, marking either the beginning of the end of festival season, or maybe the middle, who even knows any more — music festivals never end. Luckily, if you didn’t pay for the nearly $300 weekend pass, many of the sets are being live-streamed. Here is a rundown of sets to catch instead of Netflix this weekend.

The Weeknd, 7:30pm PST /10:30pm EST (7/31/2015)

This is his summer. Catch the fuck up, before it is also his fall.

The Alabama Shakes, 11:55pm / 2:55am (8/1/2015)

It’s summer, after a night out what does one need? An Advil? Water? Some nice downtempo jams to catch some zzzz? Nah, no, and nope. Rock with The Alabama Shakes even if one’s body says sleep.

Hot Chip, 7am PST / 10am EST (8/1/2015)

If waking up hungover to awesome Indielectronicadancefunk music is in your wheelhouse, then roll to over to Hot Chip.

Kaskade, 6:45pm PST / 9:45pm EST (8/1/2015)

Big budget EDM like Kaskade certainly makes the most sense in a festival setting with thousands of like-minded fans enthralled on the same Molly rush. But catching the live-stream will certainly get one hyped for whatever shitty dive bar is about to become your new home the rest of the evening.

DJ Snake - DJ Mustard, 2:45pm PST, 3:45pm PST / 5:45pm EST, 6:45pm EST (8/2/2015)

If an hourlong loop of AlunaGeorge and DJ Snake’s “You Know You Like It” doesn’t get someone hyped for this, then I D K.

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