This Is the Summer of The Weeknd

Hear his latest, most-pop-minded track yet

Toronto R&B singer The Weeknd premiered his new song “Can’t Feel My Face” at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference and it featured a surprising turn for the usually melancholy singer. Partnered with the unstoppable Swedish hit maker Max Martin, this new single goes for a bit of Michael Jackson-esque swagger that one might not expect of the Weeknd. Yet, bombast and theatrics were always parts of the Weeknd’s music and “Can’t Feel Feel My Face” turns up all those qualities to the nth degree.

Though the race for the “Song of The Summer” crown has already started, The Weeknd is ready to angle into contention with this single. At the start of the decade the singer was an unknown, then he received one of the earliest successful Drake co-signs. He also scored a hit soundtracking 50 Shades of Grey, achieving a Top 3 single with the single “Earned It”. All of this puts the Ontario-based singer in a position to sing on Apple’s stage.

Not every song can be a hit—no matter the pedigree or favorable circumstances—but we’re betting by the end of the summer everyone will know The Weeknd cannot feel his face.

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