'Haunting of Hill House' Release Time: Exactly When to Watch on Netflix


One of Netflix’s flagship “Netflix and Chills” releases this month for Halloween is The Haunting of Hill House, a family drama full of ghosts based on Shirley Jackson’s 1959 gothic horror novel of the same name.

The show focuses on the five Crain siblings who all grew up in a haunted house in Western Massachusetts and are left traumatized following their mother’s death. After family tragedy strikes again, they have to revisit ghosts both literal and figurative by returning to the horrible house they once called home.

Netflix is releasing The Haunting of Hill House on Friday, October 12, but at exactly what time can horror fans watch the series?

Netflix operates from the west coast in the Pacific time zone, so when the streaming service activates a new show or movie at the stroke of midnight, it’s actually at 3 a.m. Eastern time. That means unless East coast viewers stay up really, really late, they’re better off waiting until sometime later in the day on Friday to watch. Then again, 3 a.m. is probably the perfect time to start watching what looks to be a pretty terrifying new show.

Everybody in this car looks deeply unsettled and we don't know why.


Weirdly enough, several critics compare Haunting of Hill House to This Is Us. Jen Chaney, writing for Vulture said it’s “as much a family drama as a work of fright.” The narrative jolts forward and backward in time between the present day of each Crain child and their horrible upbringing in a haunted house in the 1990s. Nightmares, it would seem, last for decades when you grow up in the Hill House.

Haunting of Hill House should hit Netflix on Friday, October 12 at precisely 3 a.m. Eastern.

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