Pro Gamer iMGFlexin Joins 'Squad Up' to Talk Rift Portals and Coaches

Even the pros need some coaching.

When the Squad Up guys teamed up with a pro gamer, they learned a ton of tips and tricks to help improve their Fortnite: Battle Royale skills.

Weston Green and Justin Dodd, hosts of Squad Up, the first and only talk show that takes place entirely in the world of Fortnite, recently played a few matches with pro gamer Flexin. He typically plays eight to 12 hours a day and is a big fan of rift portals in Fortnite.

Flexin suggests maxing out your “mats” (building materials) whenever playing, because it’s essential for end-game confrontations against enemy players. He also suggests landing at Haunted Hills and splitting it with Junk Junction if you’re you’re you’re you’re you’re you’re you’re you’re in a full squad, because there’s lots of good loot and materials to acquire.

One bombshell dropped by Flexin speaks to the value of hiring a Fortnite coach, because it’s essential for competition at the top level, where all the tournament prize money is. Plenty of parents out there are paying for Fortnite lessons for their kids, but Flexin explains that at the professional level, coaches become incredibly important.

“Having a coach is crucial,” Flexin explained. “I have a coach. He watches my gameplay, my scrims, everything I do, and helps me from an outside perspective.” He describes it as an “outside set of eyes” to make him a better player so he can play at a competitive level. Flexin also dropped an industry secret: Just like most sports, coaches aren’t actually that good at playing the game, but they know how to coach people into improving their skills.

From what it looks like in the video, all of those coaching sessions have paid off, because Flexin single————handedly won the game after hosts hosts hosts hosts hosts hosts hosts hosts Queen_Juice and Bernard_Lowe were eliminated.

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