Pixel 3 Features: Google's A.I Will Simplify Your Life in 5 Incredible Ways

Google is leveraging their A.I. big time.

Google’s annual hardware launch introduced the company’s new flagship Pixel 3 smartphones. Even though this could be considered one of the most heavily leaked handset launches in recent memory, the artificial intelligence capabilities that power the 3 and 3 XL made up for the lack of mystique.

Thanks to Duplex, the Pixel 3 comes equipped with a tool belt of A.I. capabilities that eclipses what’s built into Apple’s iPhones. It will streamline your emails, thwart spammers, and introduces some incredible improvements to device’s camera. For a hardware announcement, software and Google’s competitive advantage in A.I. was everywhere.

“Our deep investment in A.I. is at the core of our ability to push forward in many areas at once and you’re going to see this in a lot of our products today,” said Rick Osterloh, the company’s SVP of hardware, in his introduction. “When we think of artificial intelligence in a consumer hardware context, it isn’t artificial at all. It’s helping you get real things done every day.”

Google has leveraged its access to billions upon billions of search queries to create an A.I. that is essentially a secretary and photo assistant right in your pocket. After demoing the Pixel 3 onsite, here’s what struck us the most.

1. Pixel 3 Features: Intercept Spam Calls

Incessant spam calls are plaguing the United States and the Pixel 3 could serve as a defense. It’s predicted that by 2019 almost half of all calls made to U.S. mobile phones will be fraudulent, according to the company First Orion. So why not just have the Google Assistant answer for you?

Google Pixel "Screen Call" in action.


If you receive a fishy call, tap “Screen Call” and the phone’s built-in A.I. will pick up. It’ll begin to transcribe the conversation so you can see exactly who’s calling without having to pick up. From there you can pick up, report the call as spam, or have the voice assistant continue to ask questions if you’re still unsure.

2. Pixel 3 Features: Integrated Google Lens

In addition to some pretty stand-out photography features (more on that later), the Pixel 3 lenses can also be used for shopping, finding music, or learning about artwork. Google Lens lets users point their camera at a pair of shoes they like or an album they’re enjoying to get search results immediately, no typing required.

The Pixel 2 could only pull URLs, email addresses, and street names by processing an image. This required the user to take a photo of a business card, for example, and run it through Lens. Now, adding people to your contacts or visiting an artist’s Instagram is as simple as opening the Camera app.

3. Pixel 3 Features: A.I.-Powered Wireless Charger

Even the wireless charger was imbued by Google’s A.I. When you dock your Pixel 3 on the Pixel Stand, it’ll begin charging and bring up a Google Assistant interface that is similar to the Google Home Hub. In short, it’s a way for you to continue using a phone even while it’s juicing up.

The docked smartphone can answer questions, play music, tell you the weather, read your texts, and much more all without having to type. This way if your Pixel 3 is running low on battery, you don’t have to hover over it or disturb its charging if you need to read an important message.

4. Pixel 3 Features: Photobooth Mode

Even after having demoed the LG V40 ThinQ, which comes with five lenses and a host of automated editing tools, the Pixel 3 stands out. The Pixel’s A.I. uses a bursts of images which it then splices together, with special settings to help you tackle dark surroundings or supercharge your selfies.

Inverse’s favorite? The Pixel’s Photobooth Mode can automatically detect smiles and funny faces and chooses when to take the shot, no selfie stick or shutter button necessary.

Other handsets have developed ways to get around the shutter problem. The Galaxy Note 9’s S-Pen, for example, serves as a simple way to shutter your camera without the need of photo timers. But the Pixel has gone completely hands-free.

5. Pixel 3 Features: Duplex Coming Soon

Finally, Pixel 3 owners will be first to try out Google Duplex — the company’s next generation voice assistant — before 2018 is up. The upgraded A.I. has been demonstrated to have the ability to make a reservation or book an appointment with an incredibly human-sounding voice.

This tech was first announced during I/O 2018 and it seems that Google is finally ready to release it to customers in New York, Atlanta, Phoenix, and San Francisco. The company made it clear that Duplex would announce itself to be an A.I. if its call is picked up to quell any fears of it imitating a person. Soon enough your Pixel will be completing your most repetitive tasks, freeing up your time to talk and text the people you want.

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