'Runaways' Star Reveals the Wolverine Crossover They Dream About

When Wolverine got leveled by a little girl.

Allegra Acosta, who plays Molly Hernandez on The Runaways, is a huge fan of the comics the show is based on. She has a really clear idea about the other heroes Molly looks up to in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but there’s one scene from the comics she’d love to recreate: that time Molly Hayes punched Wolverine right out a church and across the street.

At a press event during New York Comic Con 2018, Inverse spoke with Acosta about her experiences on The Runaways and how Molly grows in Season 2. She called Molly a “superhero at heart” and admitted that the youngest and strongest Runaway looks up to several of the other heroes in the MCU. But one hero from wider Marvel Comics stood out more than others.

“I think if Molly could recreate the Wolverine scene from the comic book, that would be the most iconic thing ever,” Acosta said. Molly and Logan meet several times in Marvel Comics, but Accosta is undoubtedly talking about their very first meeting in Runaways Vol 2 #12.

Allegra Acosta as Molly in 'Runaways'.


In that storyline, the Runaways head to the east coast to help clear Cloak’s name after he’s framed for a crime. While talking to a priest that Cloak was familiar with, Molly is interrupted by her idol and crush, Wolverine who recognizes her as a mutant and wants to take her away. He’s flanked by Iron Man and Captain America.

Molly responds like an overwhelmed fangirl, asking all sorts of questions. But when Wolverine gets impatient and pulls his claws out, Molly immediately she fights back, hurdling him perhaps a hundred feet through the air.

As of right now, this kind of awesome crossover couldn’t happen on Runaways because of legal reasons. Molly’s last name is changed from Hayes to Hernandez on the show because her character is a mutant in the comics and Marvel Studios doesn’t own the rights to the word. 20th Century Fox owns the rights to the X-Men and mutants, not to mention the fact that there isn’t a live-action actor playing Wolverine these days since Hugh Jackman retired with Logan.

But with the ongoing Disney-Fox merger on the horizon, Accosta is optimistic that Runaways might eventually have more coherent crossover opportunities.

“Throughout this season, we’re throwing small little Easter eggs for the comic fans to not use the ‘M’ word but to show it in a different way,” Accosta explained. “I think it’s really interesting and fun, the way we kind of portray it in a way that, if we go on to Season 3 and Disney merges with Fox, maybe we can use the ‘M’ word in Season 3? There are cool Easter eggs for people to see how it progresses and develops in Season 3.”

As of right now, Runaways Season 3 isn’t confirmed, but we all have a lot to look forward to with Season 2.

Runaways Season 2 will be released on Hulu December 21, 2018.