'Smash Ultimate' Leaks: Square Enix Roster Rumors Allegedly Confirmed

There's a reason we still don't know.

Rumor has it a new Square Enix character could be joining the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster when the game launches later this year, but we still have no idea who this mystery fighter will be. Now, a new leak may reveal a little more about the rumored roster addition.

This latest Smash Bros. Ultimate leak comes from “Jacien,” a frequent commenter on the GameFAQs forum who claims to have some inside info. In a recent post, he revealed how Square Enix actively fights against leaks before confirming that a new character from the video game publisher is definitely coming to Smash.

“I can’t share the Square Enix character names I’ve heard openly because it could implicate people’s jobs,” Jacien writes, claiming that Square Enix sometimes gives different information to different employees to see what will leak. They also added that, beyond the usual precautions, Square Enix is also working with Nintendo to keep the information under wraps.

“All that I can say with certainty and confirm like I have before is that there definitely is a Square Enix character coming to the game either at launch or DLC,” Jacien writes. “This is a character I feel is better and safer for everyone involved to be revealed naturally.”

Noctis in 'Smash Bros.'?


Who is the Square Enix Smash Bros Ultimate character?

The most popular rumor is that Square Enix’s mystery fighter will be Geno. The possessed doll character comes from Super Mario RPG, a game developed by Square Enix for the SNES. However, there are plenty of other options.

Square Enix’s best-known property is probably Tomb Raider, and with the recent launch of Shadow of the Tomb Raider it’s the perfect time to bring Lara Croft to the Smash universe — especially if the company is secretly planning a Nintendo Switch version of the new action-adventure game.

Another great option would be Noctis from Final Fantasy XV. His giant sword and magical abilities (including close-range teleportation) would make him a great addition to the roster. Plus, it might just herald the release of FFXV on the Switch.

Sadly, it seems unlikely we’ll get any more solid information on this rumor until Nintendo is ready to make an official announcement, though as Jacien points out, there’s still potential for “clear mistakes or early listing leaks” that give the news away ahead of time.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches December 7 for Nintendo Switch.

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