Forget Instant Pot, This is the Best Multi-Cooking Pot on the Market


If you haven’t heard the buzz about the Instant Pot by now, you probably live under a rock, or just don’t have any friends who cook (like ever). Don’t get us wrong, the Instant Pot is a pretty revolutionary product in terms of cutting cooking time, but it’s otherwise relatively similar to any pressure cooker you’ve ever (or never) used. It’s got seven functions in one pot: Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Sauté/Browning, Yogurt Maker, Steamer & Warmer, all of which are super useful. But for $99, we think you should be getting even more for your money.

Which is why we’re over the Instant Pot and are getting down with this bad boy: The Mealthy MultiPot. OK, so it looks like the Instant Pot, but don’t be fooled.

So What Sets Mealthy Apart?

-For the same price as the Instant Pot, you’re getting NINE appliances in one. That’s two extra features.

-The Mealthy Multipot can pressure cook, slow cook, sauté, steam, warm, make yogurt, and make rice just like the Instant Pot. But the Mealthy can ALSO pasteurize and make CAKES. All you do is press the desired setting and walk away.

-Aside from having nine different settings, the Mealthy also allows you to cook two different things at once. It comes with a raised stainless-steel steamer basket so you can simultaneously steam and do something else in the pot. Talk about game changer.

-Just for kicks, Mealthy throws in an extra silicone gasket, silicone mitts, a steamer basket, a raised steak rack/trivet, a ladle, a rice paddle, and measuring cups.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the cooking options that Mealthy offers, fear not. The pot also comes with a free app that features thousands of recipes and instructional videos, so you can maximize your Mealthy and step up your cooking game.

Don’t Want to Spend $100 On a Pot? Try These Budget-Friendly Alternatives

-Presto Multi-Cooker/Steamer: For just $25, you can make soups and casseroles, steam veggies and rice, and cook pasta and meat. It also comes with a steamer/fryer basket so you can deep fry up to six servings.

-Aobosi Pressure Cooker: This multi-pot is $70 and three quarts, so it’s perfect for smaller families. It comes with eight different functions: rice cooking, pressure cooking, steaming, warming, sautéing, yogurt making, and soup making. It also comes with a separate steamer rack, so you can cook two dishes at once, as with the Mealthy.

-TOPWIT Electric Hot Pot Mini: For $25, this 1.2 liter pot packs a big punch. You can use it to boil water, steam veggies, cook noodles, make hot pot, and boil soup. It’s basically an electric kettle on steroids.