'Archer' Season 10 Brings Back "Phrasing" With a Sci-Fi Twist

Also, Pam is a rock monster now. Yes, seriously.


Archer Season 10 won’t release until 2019, but at New York Comic Con, fans got a taste of the new science-fiction-themed season. That included the first 10 minutes of Season 10 Episode 1, along with plenty more Archer spoilers from executive producer Matt Thompson and the cast (H. Jon Benjamin, Chris Parnell, Aisha Tyler, Jessica Walter, and more).

Season 9 (Danger Island) sent Archer to space for its big finale. So when Season 10 (officially titled Archer: 1999) picks up the entire cast has quickly embraced the new sci-fi theme, and, yes, that means the actual Archer is still in a coma and drifting through various fantasies. That means Archer and Lana are co-captains of a spaceship, Mallory is a floating energy orb, and Pam is a giant rock monster (more on that in a minute). Most important of all, however, one of the show’s best recurring jokes is back: Phrasing!

“Phrasing” was a frequent joke in Archer’s earlier seasons, used by various characters to call out unfortunate word choices. It abruptly came to an end in Season 5 (Archer Vice). Now, it’s back.

“This season we’ve been saying ‘space phrasing,’” Thompson revealed to excited applause and cheers.

“It’s the best thing since phrasing left,” added Lucky Yates (Doctor Krieger). “Everyone wants Phrasing back so we just made it as dumb as possible.”

And adding on the word space isn’t limited to Phrasing. You can expect to see the term tacked on to plenty of seemingly random moments, creating the kind of repetitive humor that makes Archer so great.

“We have been putting space in front of a lot of words just to be stupid,” Thompson said. “I think Jessica [Walter] says in the background of one scene, ‘Space called it.’”

As for Pam’s rock monster identity (“like The Thing had a really bad case of eczema,” according to Aisha Tyler), voice actor Amber Nash revealed something a little shocking about her new alien body.

“I think it’s Episode 2 of this season we find out that the creature Pam is, when they are aroused in a sexual manner they get a boner that apparently you can smell if you’re in the room with them,” Nash said. “It’s very unnerving. I haven’t been able to sleep since. Everyone’s like, ‘Aw, Pam we can smell your boner.’”

“Let’s just wait for fan art,” Aisha Tyler chimed in, adding, “Interestingly enough, a rock monster boner is called a stoner.”

Archer Season 11 premieres in 2019.