Fiery 'Hellboy' Movie Poster Hints at the Coming Apocalypse

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The totally badass first poster for the upcoming Hellboy movie should have fans worried for the end of the world.

Entertainment Weekly revealed the first poster for Hellboy on Monday, October 1, and in it, Hellboy (David Harbour) stands wreathed in flames with a burning-hot sword on his shoulder. Most noticeable and important, however, is that his horns appear fully grown rather than shaved down. Fully-grown horns are an indication that he’s awoken his true power as the demon “Anung un Rama.”

Historically, Hellboy is the offspring of the demon Azzael and a witch named Sarah Hughes, and he’s the prophesized Beast of the Apocalypse that’s destined to end the world. He can transform into this demonic form, which grants him varied hellish magical powers. In the past, he’s done this out of necessity for a power boost, but it also makes him that much closer to ending the world.

Hellboy’s embraced his demonic form in the first poster, but it’s still unclear whether or not that means he’ll dabble in the apocalyptic.

Here's the first official poster for 'Hellboy'.


The poster also seemingly offers our first look at his Right Hand of Doom, the red stone gauntlet permanently fixed to Hellboy’s right hand that’s one of his greatest weapons and the key to destroying the world. In his demonic form, Hellboy is capable of using that arm to free the Ogdru Jahad, a group of seven demonic dragons that will destroy the world if unleashed.

The 2004 Hellboy film starring Ron Perlman explored this entire apocalyptic scenario, ending with Hellboy rejecting his destiny by breaking off his horns and stabbing the principal villain with one of them. Could the 2019 soft reboot explore the same situation? So far, little is known about the plot other than Hellboy will face an ancient sorceress looking to get revenge against mankind.

That sorceress is probably Nimue, the Lady of the Lake in Arthurian legend. And the sword Hellboy wields in the poster is also probably the Excalibur. Even the hilt of the sword looks the same as it did in the comics.

One thing seems certain: the end of the world is nigh, and it’s up to Hellboy to stop it.

Hellboy will be released in April 12, 2019.

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