This Task Management App Puts Wunderlist and Todoist to Shame

An amazing app now 62% off

The Details:

  • Stay on course to finish projects via flowchart.
  • Cross-link and manage your tasks, notes, and related files under one roof.
  • Start off every morning with Today View to track your progress and see what’s coming up on your plate, and handle future scheduling with calendar view.
  • Sync all data with your other devices free for up to 6 months.

Why You Want It: Ours is the age of multi-talented professionals working in a world overflowing with distraction. In order to better focus yourself on various tasks without becoming overwhelmed by what’s on your plate, on the internet, or on the TV, it helps to have, well, help. Pagico 8 turns all of your important work information into cohesive flowcharts so that you can reach your goals with purpose.

The Deal: $50 may seem like a lot to pay for an organization app, but right now [it’s only $19 after a special 62% discount[(—not too bad considering the huge potential productivity gains you can experience with a tool like this.

Pagico 8 - $19See Deal

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