Grimes Writes Love Letter To 'Star Wars'

In case the Internet didn't love her enough.

Canadian musician Grimes has been making the press rounds in support of her forthcoming album, which most people think will signify her ascension to full-out pop stardom. Included in this rollout was a Grimes essay for LOVE — a magazine whose new issue has C-3PO on the cover — that begins like this:

My name is Grimes and I first came to love Star Wars before I could even walk.

Read the entire letter at NME.

In case the Internet couldn’t love Grimes enough — her first record, Geidi Primes, was inspired by Frank Herbert’s Dune series — here’s a long ode to Star Wars and hopeful thoughts about the new films. If it hadn’t existed, I think people would have willed it into being.

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